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  • PCA-6751-B202
    Advantech PCA-6751-B202 CPU Board. Video/Comm Port | No Ethernet Port | Low power 266 MHz Pentium CPU | On board PCI SVGA VGA/LCD display | Supports CompactFlash SSD solution
    P/N: PCA-6751-F0B2
  • PEAK 635VL
    Nexcom PEAK 635VL Single Board Computer. Full-size Socket 370 Celeron/Coppermine CPU Card with VGA and LAN
    P/N: PEAK-635-100E, PEAK-635VL-100E
  • PEAK 715
    Nexcom PEAK 715 CPU Board. Full-sized Socket 478 Single Board Computer | Intel Socket 478 Pentium 4/ Celeron with VGA and Dual LAN
    P/N: PEAK 715VL, PEAK 715VL2, PEAK 715VL2-HT, PEAK 715VL2G, PEAK715VL-HT
  • 4BP07220D1
    Nexcom 4BP07220D1 CPU Board - Intel Socket 604 Dual Xeon/LV Xeon Processors up to 2.8 GHz with 400/ 533 MHz FSB
    P/N: PEAK 7220VL2G(LF), PEAK-7220VL2G
  • PEAK 7220
    Nexcom PEAK 7220 CPU Board - Intel Socket 604 Dual Xeon/LV Xeon Processors up to 2.8 GHz with 400/ 533 MHz FSB
  • PEAK 735VL
    Nexcom PEAK 735VL CPU Board - Nexcom PEAK 735VL2G Series Full-Size Socket 478 Intel Pentium 4/800 MHz FSB Single Board Computer w/VGA, SATA, USB2.0 x 2, DDR SDRAM, Single on-board LAN
    P/N: PEAK 735VL2, PEAK-735VL2G, PEAK735VL(LF)
  • PEAK 736VL
    Nexcom PEAK 736VL2 Series Full-Size Socket 478 IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® M/Celeron M 400MHz FSB Single Board Computer PICMG w/VGA, 4 x USB, DDR SDRAM, 1 x LAN
    P/N: PEAK 736VL2
  • PEAK 760VL(LF)
    Nexcom PEAK 760VL(LF) CPU Boards-PICMG Pentium 4 LGA775 Socket, 533/800MHz FSB CPU Card with VGA, Gb LAN, SATA
    P/N: PEAK 760VL2, PEAK 760VL2(LF)
  • PEAK 870GC
    Nexcom PEAK 870GC CPU Board. SHB Express (PICMG 1.3) | LGA775 | Socket Intel Celeron/Pentium4/Core2 Duo 533/800MHz FSB with LAN, DDR2 DIMM, VGA, SATA, USB, without AUDIO
  • PEAK 870VL2
    Nexcom PEAK870VL2 Series SHB PICMG 1.3, LGA775 Celeron/Pentium4/Core2 Duo w/533/800/1066MHz FSB, w/PCI, DDR2 DIMM x 2, VGA, 2x Gigabit LAN, 4x SATA Ports, with Audio
  • PEAK 8920VL2
    Nexcom PEAK8920VL2 CPU Board. PICMG 1.0 | RoHS Compliant | Intel 5000P Chipset | LGA 771 Socket with DDR2 FB-DIMM, Express GbE, USB, VGA, SATA
  • KJ060030
    Full-Size PICMG Single Board Computer
    P/N: P620D
  • PEAK-620
    Nexcom PEAK-620 Single Board Computer. Full-Size PICMG Board with COM and PS/2
  • PEAK 765VL2
    Nexcom PEAK 765VL2 CPU Board. PICMG 1.0 Full-Size | LGA775 Intel Core 2 Duo/Pentium 4/Pentium D/Celeron D 533/800/1066 MHz | 4GB DDR2 DIMM | VGA | 2x GbE LAN | 4x SATA
  • PEAK-765
    Nexcom PEAK-765 CPU Board - Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775 Single Board Computer
  • ROBO-658
    Portwell ROBO-658 CPU Board. PICMG | Socket 370 | i810 Chipset | AGP CRT VGA (4MB) | 10/100 Ethernet | Ultra-160 SCSI and DOC Functions.
    P/N: ROBO-658-501, ROBO-658-R3M0E3, ROBO-658-R3M0E6, ROBO-658W, ROBO-658Z
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