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IPN Series 3 Card

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Network Interface IP plug-in line card

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The IP Network Interface Series 3 Card is an IP plug-in line card for the Converged Services Platforms (CSP). It enables the CSP Platforms to support IP, performing two-way gateway conversion between circuit-switched and packet-switched media. Developers can use the IPN Series 3 Card to build revenue-generating voice, fax, and modem-over-IP services in which a CSP Platform acts as a gateway or media server in a converged services network. The IPN Series 3 Card transcodes data from PCM to packet technology, compresses it, and provides silence suppression, echo cancellation, and jitter buffering to improve quality. The IP Network Interface Series 3 Card, along with SIP and H.323 signaling, provides a true gateway environment, enabling developers to deliver an application server, signaling engine, gateway, and media server, all in a single system. This unified architecture can translate into significant cost savings, reduced development time, and simplified operation for developers and service providers.


  • Allows flexibility in coder use, and dynamically changing coders during a call can optimize voice quality
  • Dynamic coder change
  • Enables the introduction of coders without system re-design, allowing new coders to be added on existing technology as required to meet market needs
  • Increases the availability and reliability of a service
  • Increases the service capacity of a gateway application
  • New coders can be added via software load
  • Provides a high-density IP environment, and supports popular IP coders to facilitate transcoding when interfacing between different IP networks.
  • Provides high availability and redundancy in case of an Ethernet port failure
  • Provides up to 4096 gateway ports
  • Supports traffic load sharing among IP Series 3 Cards
  • Supports two 100 MB/s Ethernet ports, configured as a Link Aggregate Group
  • Supports up to 1024 IP media ports without compression (G.711 only), and up to 512 ports with compression