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IMG 1004

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Integrated Media Gateway, up to 128 channels

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The IMG 1004 Integrated Media Gateway is a carrier-grade VoIP gateway that supports both media and signaling in a single chassis. It allows service providers to add new telephony services quickly, and gives them a clear migration path to an all-IP network. The IMG 1004 brings the value proposition of an integrated media gateway into the low density (1-4 span) gateway market.


  • Allows easy scalability to 128 channels in a small footprint
  • Can reduce complexity and administrative overhead for VoIP services, and allows on-the-fly voice coder conversion
  • Carrier-grade design uses dual Ethernet network interfaces
  • Enables fast connection time and lower phone charges because callers can connect to each other directly without using the PSTN
  • Optimizes distribution of SIP traffic and improves scalability and fault tolerance
  • Provides a flexible, cost-effective platform that can evolve from TDM-IP to all IP
  • Provides high reliability and service availability
  • Simultaneous support for PRI, CAS, and SS7 CICs along with SIP and H.323
  • Supports up to 128 channels in a 1U chassis
  • TDM signaling, call routing, call translation, and IP transcoding supported in a single chassis
  • Wireline and wireless support, including ENUM
  • Works with load balancers