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DSP Series 2 Plus Card

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Digital Signal Processing Series 2 Plus Card

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The Digital Signal Processing Series 2 Plus Card provides fully integrated, high-performance media processing for the Converged Services Platforms (CSP). With the DSP Series 2 Plus Card added, the CSP Platforms integrate not only signaling along with TDM and IP interfaces, but also powerful media processing. Also, because it offers a comprehensive set of features for intensive media processing and media management, the DSP Series 2 Plus Card allows the CSP Platforms to be used for intensive media processing applications.


  • Cancels file transmission when speech is detected
  • Has a powerful, highly sensitive algorithm that provides recognition of answering machines, required for some applications
  • Includes a DSP chip assigned to play a universal tone, which can be any tone type with the same encoding format; up to 512 tone receivers per DSP
  • Includes positive tone detection, which sends only voice signals (no silence) to the speech server, freeing up expensive speech server ports
  • NFS can be added for long-term storage of permanent fax records and for large voice mail message or recorded conference files
  • Provides high-density echo-cancellation (G.168) with tail lengths up to 128 milliseconds
  • Provides statistics for cache and function usage
  • Records multiple file formats, including ADPCM and WAV; files can be played back by file offset and length and can be queued before play
  • Supports a direct Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) interface for speech servers
  • Supports two-way call recording that uses no conference ports, as well as configurable beep tones and silence parameters
  • Up to three hours of files can be stored on each DSP Series 2 Card, which can be used for temporary recordings and for files that are played back frequently