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Media Gateway, 2-port T1/E1 (48/60 channels)

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The 4000 Media Gateway Series (DMG4000 Gateways) is a set of integrated systems designed to connect Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to existing PBX systems and PSTN networks. Based on a standard rack-mount server running the Windows® Server 2003 R2 operating system, the 4000 Media Gateways are basic hybrid media gateways designed for the Office Communications Server 2007 and therefore include the role of Mediation Server, which is Microsoft’s technology providing PSTN and PBX interoperability, high-fidelity VoIP, and security.


  • Available as a 1U rack mount integrated system supporting configurations of 48/60 channels (T1/E1) or 96/120 channels (T1/E1)
  • Brings important supplementary services, such as call transfer, call hold, MWI, and call party information, to an IP environment
  • Compatible with the equipment of popular PBX manufacturers
  • Enables unified communications features for a circuit-switched telephony network
  • Hosts co-located Mediation Server, an element of the Office Communications Server 2007 solution
  • Includes redundant power supply, Raid-1 hard disk subsystem, and a failover and load balancing Ethernet network connection
  • Offers a range of fax configurations to address demands regarding fax channel density and fax transmission speed
  • Offers a range of product densities for businesses of various sizes
  • Protects investment in legacy telecommunications equipment and allows a phased migration to IP
  • Provides high availability.
  • Reduces the number of servers needed for a unified communications solution and minimizes administrative effort, resulting in lower TCO
  • Supports supplementary services on ETSI-DSS1, QSIG, and other TDM protocols
  • Supports T.30 Fax Group 3 up to 33.6 kbps using T.38 real-time FoIP
  • Validated by Microsoft as an interconnect between legacy PBXs or the PSTN and the Office Communications Server 2007


  • Attended transfer with consultation call
  • Call diversion
  • Call hold/retrieve
  • Message waiting activation/deactivation
  • Numbering services (abstracted as Called Party Number, Calling Party Number/CLIP, and Redirecting Number)
  • Unattended, blind transfer