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Media Gateway, Digital PBX Emulation, 8 ports (Rolm)



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The 1000 Media Gateway Series (DMG1000 Gateway) allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making it a smart solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. Connected between a PBX or a digital handset and a LAN or WAN, the 1000 Media Gateway converts proprietary digital PBX messages into a format suitable for transmission over standard IP networks.


  • Allows the ability for inbound (TDM-to-IP) calls to round-robin between available media servers and automatically routes calls away from unresponsive media or proxy servers
  • Compatible with a variety of popular PBX and handset manufacturers including Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Mitel, NEC, Nortel, and Siemens
  • Designed, developed, and tested in Dialogic's state-of-the-art PBX lab and optimized for use in an enterprise environment
  • Easy to install, configure, debug, and maintain
  • Enables secure communications for SIP messages via TLS, for media stream via SRTP, and for web interface via HTTPS
  • Ideally suited for enterprise unified messaging applications (tested and certified with Microsoft Exchange UM)
  • IP security features include TLS, SRTP, and HTTPS
  • Protects investment in legacy telecommunications equipment and allows a controlled migration to IP technology
  • Provides the option for customers to build enhanced applications on top of base gateway and PBX functions, and make those applications available on legacy handsets
  • Seamless interoperability with Dialogic Host Media Processing software
  • Support for IP load balancing and IP fault tolerance
  • Supports configuration via serial, telnet, and a web browser including context-sensitive help


  • Centralized VoIP and FoIP application servers, including IP-based voice mail and unified messaging
  • Contact centers
  • IP PBX
  • IVR and announcements
  • VoIP extension to branch offices