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Commell FS-961 PICMG CPU Board with Socket 370, Pentium-III/Celeron processor, 10/100Mbps LAN Interface, Flat Panel SVGA/ CRT UXGA, 36-bit LVDS

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FS-961VXL   COMMELL FS-961VXL Full-size CPU Board with PICMG Socket 370, Tualatin processor, LAN, and CompactFlash Interface, Audio, LVDS/TTL LCD/CRT SVGA
FS-961VTL   COMMELL FS-961VTL Full-size CPU Board with PICMG, Socket 370, Tualatin processor, LAN, and CompactFlash Interface, Audio, TTL/LVDS TFT/DSTN LCD interface

ChipsetVIA/S3 Twister-T PN133T chipset with VIA 8606T and 686B
CPUSocket 370 supports FC-PGA Intel Pentium-III, FC-PGA/PPGA CeleronTM, VIA C3 CPUs up to 1.4GHz @ FSB 66/100/133 MHz. Support Intel Tualatin/Coppermine FC-PGA2/FS-PGA CPU and VIA C3 Samuel I/II.
Drive Interface1 GB PC100/133 SDRAM
Form Factorfull-size PICMG (PCI/ISA)-bus CPU card with 32-bit PCI ands 8/16-bit ISA bus interfaces
IDEDual UltraATA/100 bus master IDE channel up to 4 ATAPI device
Interruptstwo RS232 serial port, one SPP/ECP/EPP parallel port, four 1.1USB, FDD, IrDA, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
LAN10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interface with RJ45 on bracket
LVDSSupport 36-bit TTL/LVDS TFT/DSTN LCD interface with 256 gray shade integrated 2-channel 110 MhHz LVDS interface up to 1280 X 1024 of resolution
SSDOnboard CompactFlash socket support CompactFlash Card(CFC) Flash memory capacity up to 1 Gbytes, driver free and bootable Jumper selectable master/slave mode on primary IDE port
Tv-outVIA/S3 Twister-T PN133T 8606T chipset built in VGA core with TV-out encoder support AV and S-video TV-out interface
VGAVIA/S3 Twister VT8606T chipset built-in S3 Savage4 SVGA core with 128-bit 3D engine BIOS selectable 8/16/32 MBytes video memory shared with system memory VGA,SVGA,XGA,SXGA,UXGA mode up to 1280 X 1024 of resolution

COMMELL's FS-961 SBC (Single Board Computer) is an all-in-one industrial full-size PICMG (PCI/ISA)-bus CPU card based on Intel socket 370 architecture, supports Intel Pentium-III, Celeron and VIA C3 CPUs up to 1.4 GHz at 133 MHz of FSB.Support Intel Tualatin/Coppermine FC-PGA2/FS-PGA CPU and VIA C3 Samuel I/II. With 1GB PC133 SDRAM, Dual UltraATA/100 IDE, 128-bit 3D Engine Graphic chipset, integrated flat panel SVGA, 36-bit LVDS, 10/100Mbps LAN and SSD interfaces, the FS-961 provides the powerful system performance solution. With these features, FS-961 makes it possible for you in:

Industrial Applied Computing Server and Workstation Platform
CTI (Computer Telecom Integration), DVR (Digital Video Recorder), VOD (Video-On-Demand), broadcast, streaming server and cluster
Industrial Panel PC, Portable Workstation, Panel-mount / Wall-mount Workstation
POS/POI, Kiosk, ATM, Web Payphone, transaction station and terminal
Industrial applied instruments based on network and LVDS panel-link / TTL LCD display


  • Advanced Dual UltraATA/100 IDE interface to enhance the full system performance
  • CompactFlash support
  • Four USB ports for additional USB devices or adapters
  • High memory capacity up to 1GB PC133 SDRAM
  • Industrial standard PICMG form factor
  • Integrated 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet interface
  • Integrated 128-bit 3D Engine Graphic chipset
  • Integrated AC'97 3D Audio interface
  • Integrated flat panel supported by LVDS panel link or TTL
  • Jumper selectable RS-232C serial port
  • Popular OS supported for industrial mainstream applications
  • Powerful computing capacity with Intel Socket 370 Pentium-III / Celeron CPU up to 1GHz at 133 MHz of FSB