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AAEON SBC-357-C11-03 Half-Size CPU Card, 386SX, Onboard 8MB EDO RAM, SVGA, LAN, DOC, 4 COM, Rev.C1.1



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The SBC-357 is an all-in-one single board 386 computer with an
onboard flat panel/CRT SVGA controller. It packs all the
functions of an industrial computer and its display capabilities
onto a single, half-size card. This means the SBC-357 is your
absolute best solution for embedded applications.
The onboard ISA-Bus, flat panel/CRT SVGA controller uses the
CHIPS 65545 chipset with up to 1 MB of video memory (512KB
onboard). It supports various LCD types including TFT, STN,
Normal, and EL.
The SBC-357 supports the optional M-Systems DiskOnChip
2000 which is a new generation of high performance single-chip
Flash Disk. It provides a Flash Disk (as a BIOS expansion) which
doesn't require any bus, slots, or connectors. It is also the optimal
solution for Single Board Computers because of its small size,
easy integration, plug-and-play functionality, and its low power
consumption. The DiskOnChip is available in capacities from
2MB to 72MB and fits in a standard 32-pin DIP socket.
The SBC-357 also features three high speed RS-232 serial ports,
and one RS-232/422/485 serial port with 16C550 UARTs, one
bidirectional SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port, and a floppy drive
controller, all onboard.


  • 10/100Base-T Fast Ethernet
  • C&T 65545 LCD controller with 1MB display memory
  • Four COM ports
  • ISA interface
  • Onboard 1.5MB Flash Disk
  • Onboard 128KB S-RAM (optional)
  • Onboard 4MB or 8MB EDO RAM
  • Onboard ALi M6117C, Intel 386SX-40 compatible CPU
  • PC/104 expansion socket
  • Supports DiskOnChip up to 1GB