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IEI ROCKY-3708EV CPU Board. PICMG | Socket 370 | 133MHz FSB Intel PIII/Tualatin/Celeron | VGA (32MB) | USB | SDRAM | Audio | LAN



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Bus ArchitecturePICMG 1.0
SBC SizeFull-Length
CPU ClassIntel Pentium III / Celeron

Welcome to the ROCKY-3708E2V Celeron & Pentium III Single Board Computer. The ROCKY-3708E2V board is an ISA/PCI form factor board, which comes equipped with high performance Pentium III Processor and advanced high performance multi-mode I/O, designed for the system manufacturers, integrators, or VARs that want to provide all the performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price.The ROCKY-3708E2V provides SIS315 AGP4X VGA on board with 32MB frame buffer ,and add SIS301 to provide second CRT
output or TV-OUT (include S Video and Composite output)(option). The SIS315 VGA chip is 3D graphics chipset, which provides up to 2048x1536x16M-color resolution.

This board has a built-in Compact Flash Disk Socket for embedded applications. The Compact Flash Disk is 100% software compatible with hard disks. Users can use any DOS
command without any extra software utility.

An advanced high performance super AT I/O chip – ITE 8705 is
used in the ROCKY-3708E2V board. Both on-chip UARTs are compatible with the NS16C550. The parallel port interface are compatible with IBM PC/AT architecture.

The ROCKY-3708E2V has dual Fast Ethernet LAN controller(SIS900 and Intel82559). The ROCKY-3708EV has one
Fast Ethernet LAN controller (SIS900).(It’s the master difference between ROCKY-3708E2V and ROCKY-3708EV). Which are fully integrated 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX LAN solution with high performance networking functions and low power features.

The ROCKY-3708E2V uses the advanced SIS635 Chipset which
is 100% PCI software compatible chipset with PCI 2.1 standard.


  • Intel PIII / Tualatin / Celeron supports CPU upto FSB 133 MHz
  • LAN, USB, Audio integrated
  • PC133 SDRAM memory support upto 1GB
  • SiS 315 graphic chip with 32MB memory