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IEI ROCKY-328E Half Size CPU Board. ISA | Ethernet | PC/104 | Keyboard



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Bus ArchitectureISA
SBC SizeHalf-Size
CPU ClassIntel 386 Class
Total Number of Ports1

Welcome to the ROCKY-328E 386SX with Ethernet Single Board Computer. The ROCKY-328E is an ISA with PC/104 form factor board, which comes equipped with ALI 6117 (includes 386SX CPU) and advanced high-performance multi-mode I/O, designed for the system manufacturers, integrators, or VARs that want to provide all the performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price.

An advanced high performance super AT I/O chip SMC FDC37C669 or equivalent chip is used in the ROCKY-328E board. The UART is compatible with the NS16C550. The parallel port and IDE interface are compatible with IBM
PC/AT and XT architecture's, as well as EPP and ECP. The FDC37C669 incorporates sophisticated power control circuitry(PCC). The PCC supports multiple low power down

The most outstanding feature in the ROCKY-328E is builtin
PC/104 expansion bus. Based on the PC/104 bus, you could easily install over thousands of PC/104 modules from hundreds' vendors in the world. The ROCKY-328E has external power connector that could let it connects with power supply directly. It is more suitable for your standalone applications.

In addition, the ROCK-328E provides one 72-pin SIMM (Single In-line Memory Module) socket to install max. 32MB memory(single side RAM). The board also designed 4MB DRAM on board for OEM customer.


  • 386SX-40 CPU on board
  • ALi M6117 chipset
  • One PC/104 expansion connector for add-on cards
  • One SIMM socket up to 32MB EDO RAM
  • Realtek RTL8019 10Mbps Ethernet on board
  • Watchdog Timer