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IEI ROCKY-318 CPU Board. 386SX | ISA Half Size | M6177 CPU On Board | Serial & Parallel Ports | FDD | SSD

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Ordering Information:

ROCKY-318-M4   IEI ROCKY-318-M4 Half Size CPU Board with ISA bus interface, M6177 processor, Serial & Parallel Ports, FDD, SSD, 4MB DRAM
ROCKY-318-M4-R3   IEI ROCKY-318-M4-R3 CPU Board with ISA bus 386SX-40 CPU card with 4MB DRAM
ROCKY-318-M2   IEI ROCKY-318-M2 CPU Board - IEI ROCKY-318 386SX ISA Half Size Single Board Computer - M6177 CPU On Board, Serial & Parallel Ports, FDD, SSD, 2MB DRAM
INX-386SX   IEI INX-386SX CPU Board - Half Size 386 XT SBC

Bus InterfaceISA
CPUOn-board ALi M6117, Intel 386SX-40 compatible CPU
Dimensions7.3"(L)x4.8"(W) (185 x 122mm)
FDDOne port via 34-pin pin-header
IDEOne port via 40-pin pin-header
Operating Temperature0º~60ºC (CPU Needs cooler)
Relative Humidity5~95%, non-condensing
SSDSupports one DiskOnChip socket
Super I/O2x RS-232 Ports, 1x Parallel Port
System ChipsetALi M6117
System MemoryOn-Board 2 or 4MB EDO RAM or 1x 72-pin SIMM socket for RAM
Watchdog TimerYes

IEI's ROCKY-318 is an ISA Half Size Single Board Computer with PC/104, which comes equipped with ALI 6117 (includes 386SX CPU) and advanced high-performance multi-mode I/O, designed for the system manufacturers, integrators, or VARs that want to provide all the performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price.

An advanced, high performance super AT I/O chip SMC FDC37C665 or equivalent chip is used in the ROCKY-318 board. Both on-chip UARTs are compatible with the NS16C550. The parallel port and IDE interface are compatible with IBM PC/AT and XT architecture's, as well as EPP and ECP. The FDC37C665 incorporates sophisticated power control circuitry(PCC). The PCC supports multiple low power down modes.

The most outstanding feature in the ROCKY-318 is built-in PC/104 expansion bus. Based on the PC/104 bus, you could easily install over thousands of PC/104 modules from hundreds of vendors around the world. The ROCKY-318 has an external power connector that could let it connects with a power supply directly. It is more suitable for your standalone applications.

In addition, the ROCKY-318 provides one 72-pin SIMM ( Single In-line Memory Module) socket to install a maximum of 32MB of memory(single side RAM). The board is also designed with 1MB of on board DRAM for the OEM customer.


  • 386SX-40 CPU on board
  • 386SX-40MHZ CPU on board
  • ALi M6117 chipset
  • Built-in Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse interface
  • Chipset:ALI-6117
  • One Floppy I/F & One IDE HDD I/F
  • Single 5V/1.1A operation
  • Support DiskOnChip flash disk chip
  • Two RS-232C I/F & one Printer I/F
  • Up to 32MB DRAM
  • Watch Dog Timer