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IEI PSC-586VGA ISA/PCI CPU Board with Pentium Processor, VGA, PC-104,



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Bus InterfaceISA ( PC/AT) bus and PCI 32-bit local bus
CPUIntel Pentium P54C/P54CT 75/90/100/120/133/150
Data bus32-bit
DMA channels7
IDE hard disk drive interfaceSupports up to two IDE hard disk drives. Can be disabled by BIOS Setup.
Interrupt levels15
PC/104 expansion busA 64-pin and 40-pin, industrial embedded-PC bus standard.
RAM memory2MB to 128MB

Welcome to the PSC-586 ISA/PCI Pentium Single Board Computer. The PSC-586 board is an ISA,PCI, and PC/104 form factor board, which comes equipped with high performance Intel Pentium CPU and advanced high-performance multi-mode I/O, designed for the system manufacturers, integrators, or VARs that want to provide all the performance, reliability, and quality at a reasonable price.

An advanced high performance super AT I/O chip SMC FDC37C665 is used in the PSC-586 board. Both on-chip UARTs are compatible with the NS16C550. The parallel port and IDE interface are compatible with IBM PC/AT and XT architecture's, as well as EPP and ECP. The FDC37C665 incorporates sophisticated power control circuitry(PCC). The PCC supports multiple low power down modes.

The most outstanding feature in the PSC-586 is built-in PCI
expansion bus. Based on the PCI bus, you could easily install 4 master 32-bit PCI add-on cards on backplane.


  • External power connector: 8-pin male connector ( Molex 6410 series compatible)
  • Keyboard connector: A 5-pin header on board and 6-pin mini-DIN keyboard connector is located on the mounting bracket.
  • PC/104 expansion bus: A 64-pin and 40-pin, industrial embedded-PC bus standard.
  • Watch-dog timer can be set by 1,2,10,20,110,or 220 seconds period. Reset or NMI was generated when CPU did not periodically trigger the timer.
  • Your program use hex 043 and 443 to control the watch-dog and generate a system reset.