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IEI INX-386SX CPU Board - Half Size 386 XT SBC



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BatteryLithium for CMOS RAM & Clock/Calendar.
BIOSAMI with Internal Setup.
DimensionsHalf Size XT-type board 7.08"L X 4.2"H.
DMA7 Channels (4 8-bit and 3 16-bit).
I/O BusISA compatible bus (62-pin & 36-pin Edge Connectors).
PowerPower: +5VDC @ 1.1A.
ResetControlled by on-board power detector and optional reset switch
Speed8-40MHz jumper selectable.
Timers3 Programmable.
BenchmarkLandmark v2.0

The MCSI INX-386SX Single Board Computer is an IBM PC/AT Compatible Plug-in Processor Board designed to be used in passive backplane applications. The INX-386SX SBC provides the user with a high-performance PC/AT compatible computer on a half size PC/XT size plug-in board. The most outstanding features include an optional 32MB PROMDISK-Chip™ Disk Emulator, a WatchDog timer, and a 1K-bit E2Key memory for storing user data. The multi-I/O controller includes dual 16C550 UARTs, a floppy port, and an SPP/EPP/ECP multi-mode bi-directional parallel port. The optional PROMDISK-Chip Disk Emulator comes complete with ROM-DOS version 6.22, making it ideal for embedded diskless applications.The 1K-bit E2Key memory is a non-volatile memory is useful for storing user data, such as: critical system parameters, terminal address, etc. The WatchDog timer is ideal for controlling critical processes where unattended operation is essential. The INX-386SX SBC operates on a single +5VDC supply, and has an external power connector which allows direct connection to an external power supply making it ideally suited for stand alone applications. The INX-386SX SBC was specifically designed to operate in extreme industrial environments, and has an operating temperature range of 0° to 60°C.


  • 100% IBM PC/AT Compatible Computer
  • 1K-bit E2Key Memory for Storing User Data
  • AT Compatible Keyboard Port (not required for booting)
  • Clock/Calendar with Battery Back-up
  • Dual Floppy Disk Port Supports up to Two 3.5" or 5.25" Drives with Capacities up to 2.88M-bytes
  • Half Size XT-type Multilayer Plug-in Board
  • IDE Hard Disk Port
  • Includes ALI 6117 ChipSet with integral 80C386SX-40MHz Microprocessor
  • Operates on Single 5V Supply (5.5 Watts Max)
  • Optional 32MB PROMDISK-Chip™ Disk Emulator
  • PS/2 Compatible Bi-directional Parallel Port
  • Supports up to 16MB of System DRAM
  • Two 16C550 Compatible RS-232 Serial Ports, Serial Port 2 can be configured as RS-232 or RS-422/485
  • WatchDog Timer and Power Monitor