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Ibase IB790LT CPU Board. Socket 370 | VIA ProSavage Twister | Audio, RTL8139C, VGA, LVDS & TV out | without IB13, IBD

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BIOSAward 2Mbit
CPUSocket 370 for Pentium III/Celeron, up to 1.4GHz
Dimensions203mm x 146mm (8“ x 5.75“)
Expansion Slot1 PCI (2 masters)
H/WMonitor Yes
LAN Controller1 or 2 Realtek RTL8139C, 10/100Mbps
LCD Interface18-bit LVDS (dual channel), 36-bit TTL
Operating temperature0 to 60C (32 to 140F)
Relative humidity10% to 90% non-condensing
Storage temperature-20 to 80C (-68 to 176F)
System ChipsetVIA TwisterT (VT8606) + VT82C686B
System MemorySDR DIMM x 1, Max. 512MB
VGA ControllerVIA VT8606 Integrated
VGA MemoryShared memory, Max. 32MB
Watchdog Timer16 levels

IB790 is a high-performance flexible embedded board based on the VIA ProSavage TwisterT (PN133T) chipset. The chipset is based on an innovative and scaleable architecture with proven reliability. It is a two -chip set consisting of the VT8606 North Bridge Controller and VT82C686B South Bridge Controller.

IB790 supports 66/100/133MHz system bus and up to 1.2GHz CPU speed. The VT8606 integrated graphics accelerator supports 8/16/32MB frame buffer using the system memory, integrated 2 -channel 110MHz LVDS interface and digital port for NTSC/PAL TV encoder. One or two
Ethernets can be supported by the Realtek 8139C single chip Ethernet controller. Additional key features include support for two USB ports, AC-97 link for audio, hardware monitoring, and power management.

System memory is provided by one 168-pin DIMM socket that accommodates SDRAM with a maximum capacity of 512MB. The Award BIOS facilitates easy system configuration and peripheral setup. Other advanced features include DiskOnChip flash disk support,
16-level watchdog timer, and IrDA interface.

DiskOnChip flash disks are storage devices that has no moving parts and emulates FDD/HDD with Flash/RAM/ROM offering reliable data/program storage and long life span. They are reliable and suitable for industrial or other harsh environments characterized by motion,
shock, vibration, adverse temperature, dust and humidity. Other features include faster data access, longer MTBF, lower power consumption, cost effective for small capacity and small form factor.


  • 4 COM Ports
  • Digital I/O, Watchdog timer, DiskOnChip
  • Integrated 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • Integrated VGA, shared memory, LVDS/TTL
  • PCI slot, 2 x USB 1.1 ports
  • SDR DIMM x 1, Max. 512MB
  • Supports Pentium III/Celeron processors
  • Up to 1.4GHz, 100/133MHz FSB