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Boser HS-2604 Series EDEN 667MHz Embedded Engine Board 133MHz FSB w/CRT/Panel, 3x LAN, 4x Com, PC/104, IrDA, USB, DOC, WDT, ATA/33/66/100, RS-232/422/485, H/W Monitor

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Ordering Information:

HS-2604/400   Boser HS-2604/400 CPU Boards-3.5in. VIA C3 EDEN 400MHz Embedded SBC w/CRT/LVDS, 3 LAN, 4COM/ 485

Board Size14.5 x 10.2cm
Bus InterfaceMini PCI Local Bus
CMOSBattery backup
CPUVIA C3 EDEN 400/667MHz embedded CPU
DiskOnChipDiskOnChip socket supporting memory sizes of up to 288MB
FDDSupports up to two floppy disk drives
Hardware MonitorVIA VT82C686B
I/O ChipsetSMC 37C669, VIA VT82C686B
IDETwo IDE disk drives supporting ATA/33/66/100 and with transfer rates of up to 33/66/100MB/sec.
IrDAOne IrDA TX/RX header
Keyboard/MousePS/2 6-pin Mini DIN or 6-pin connector
LANThree RealTek RTL8100 10/100 Based LAN
Operating Temperature-20 ~ +60°C (EDEN 400MHz)
ParallelOne enhanced bi-directional parallel port supporting SPP/ECP/EPP
PC/104PC/104 connector for 16-bit ISA Bus
PowerSingle +5V/3.2A power in
Serial Port16C550 UART-compatible RS-232/422/485 x 1 and RS-232 x 3 serial ports with 16-byte FIFO
System ChipsetVIA VT8606/VT82C686B
System MemoryOne SO-DIMM socket supporting up to 256MB
USBTwo USB connectors
VGAVIA VT8606 integrated S3 3D supporting CRT/Panel displays up to 1920 x 1440
Watchdog TimerSets 1, 2, 10, 20, 110, 220 seconds, activity trigger with Reset or NMI

The HS-2604 is a 100/133MHz FSB VIA VT8606 chipset-based board designed for Mini PCI Local Bus VIA C3 EDEN 400/667MHz
Embedded CPU.

These features combine and make the HS-2604 an ideal all-in-one industrial single board computer.

Additional features include an enhanced I/O with CRT/Panel, three LAN, and 4COM ports interfaces.

Its onboard ATA/33/66/100 to IDE drive interface architecture allows the HS-2604 to support data transfers of 33, 66 or 100MB/sec. to one IDE drive connection.

Designed with the VIA VT8606 core logic chipset, the board supports VIA C3 EDEN 400/667MHz Embedded CPU. The VIA VT8606 integrated S3 3D supporting CRT/Panel displays up to 1920 x 1440.

System memory is also sufficient with the one SO-DIMM socket that can support up to 256MB.

Additional onboard connectors include an advanced USB and IrDA ports providing faster data transmission, a DOS-compatible DiskOnChip socket with a maximum capacity of 288MB. And two external RJ-45 connectors and one 10-pin header for 10/100 Based Ethernet use.

To ensure the reliability in an unmanned or stand alone system, the Watchdog Timer (WDT) onboard HS-2604 is designed with pure hardware that does not need the arithmetical functions of a real-time clock chip.

If any program causes unexpected halts to the system, the
onboard Watchdog Timer (WDT) will automatically reset the CPU or generate an interrupt to resolve such condition.


  • DiskOnChip socket supporting memory size of up to 288MB
  • Fast PCI ATA/33/66/100 IDE controller
  • One SO-DIMM socket with a max. capacity of 256MB
  • PC/104 Bus connector
  • SMC 37C669, VIA VT82C686B super I/O chipset
  • Supports 100/133MHz FSB
  • Supports Hardware Monitor function
  • Supports Single +5V power in
  • Three RealTek RTL8100 10/100 Based LAN
  • Three RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • Two USB connectors
  • VIA C3 EDEN 400/667MHz Embedded CPU
  • VIA VT8606 CRT/Panel display controller
  • VIA VT8606/VT82C686B system chipset