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System-On-Module's. Full-featured high performance embedded PC, Celeron or Pentium-IIITM CPU, 600 - 1260 MHz

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CPUCeleron or Pentium-III, 600-1260 MHz
Dimensions91 x 96 mm
EthernetOne or two 10/100BaseT
Flash Memory16 - 512 Mbyte Flash Disk
Graphics ControllerSXGA graphics controller for CRT and LCD
Memory32 - 384 Mbyte SDRAM

The CM-i886 Module is a small but extremely powerful PC-compatible single board computer, designed to serve as a building block in a variety of embedded applications. The CM-i886 module has all the components needed to run operating systems such as Windows XP / CE, Linux, VxWorks or DOS. Ready BIOS and operating systems packages are available from CompuLab.

The CM-i886 is both small and inexpensive relative to products of its class, which allows its integration into compact embedded applications where extraordinary processing power is required.

The feature set of the CM-i886 module includes practically all of the components found in a high-end seventh-generation desktop computer. For embedded applications, the CM-i886 provides a Flash Disk, PCI bus, two 100Mbit Ethernet ports, UART's, I/O lines and many other essential functions.

CM-i886's standardized CAMI (CompuLab's Aggregated Module Interface) connectors allow interchangeability with other CORE modules, enabling the flexibility required in a dynamic market where application requirements can change rapidly.


  • COM ports, LPT port, I/O ports, hard and floppy disk controllers, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
  • Embedded BIOS
  • Full-featured high performance embedded PC
  • Interchangeable with other CORE modules via CAMI connectors
  • Two USB ports