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The CM-i586 module is a tiny PC compatible single board computer

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Address Space512 MB
BusesGeneral Purpose (ISA) 16-bit, PCI -32-bit
Cache16 Kbyte WB, WT
CPUAMD ElanCS520, X86-compatible, Pentium class
Dual DMA ControllersWidth: 8 or 16 bit, Total Number of Channels: 4, Clock Rate: 4, 8, or 16 MHz
External Bus8, 16, 32-bit, 1-33 MHz
Flash Disk (optional)1-128 Mbytes
General Purpose I/O32 Lines (shared with other functions)
I/O Tolerance5-volt
IDE - Hard Disk InterfacePC/AT Compatible
Internal Bus32-bit, 66 MHz
Interrupt ControllerDual, 8259-compatible
JTAG PortYes
PCI BusRev 2.2-compliant, 132 MB/s, Arbiter, Clock
Program FLASH (NOR)1-4 Mbytes, on-board reprogrammable
Real Time Clock146818A-Compatible, including CMOS RAM
Serial Port (UART)COM1 (RS232), COM2 (TTL), 16550 compatible. (COM3-4 are optional, provided by SuperI/O)
Speed100, 133 MHz
Electrical, Mechanical, & Environmental
Connector insertion/removal50 cycles
Dimensions78 x 60 x 8 mm
MTBF> 100,000 Hours
Operation Temperature (case)Commercial: 0 to 70 C, Extended: -20 to 70 C, Industrial: -40 to 85 C
Power Consumptionn 1 - 4 Watt, depending on configuration
Relative Humidity(operation) 10% to 90%, (storage) 5% to 95%
Storage Temperature-40 to 85 C
Supply VoltageSingle 3.3V or dual 3.3V / 5.0V (with Super-I/O or Sound)
Weight25 - 30 gram, depending on configuration
Ethernet Port (optional)
Bus InterfacePCI
ControllerIntel 82559 or 82551, including MAC and PHY functions
Network Interfacee 10BaseT / 100BaseTx, Activity LED's
Super - I/O (optional)
Bus InterfaceISA
Floppy Disk ControllerSupports two floppy drives directly, can be routed to parallel port pins
Infrared (IrDA Port)Up to 115Kbps in slow mode, up to 4Mbps in fast mode
Keyboard InterfaceAT, PS/2 or redirection from COM
Parallel PortBi-directional with EPP mode. ESD protection and filters included
UART'sCOM3 and COM4 at TTL Levels
USB Controller (optional)
Bus InterfaceISA
ControllerScanLogic SL81HST
ModeSupports both Host and Peripheral modes
SpeedDual 1.5 Mbit/sec or 12 Mbit/sec

The CM-i586 is designed to serve as a building block in embedded application design. The CMi586 module has all the components needed to run operating systems such as DOS, Linux, VxWorks or Windows CE. Its 'credit card' size allows integration into hand-held and mobile applications, providing a powerful computer core. The feature set of the CM-i586 module combines a Pentium-class CPU, PC/AT system logic and essential computing peripherals. For embedded applications, the CM-i586 provides a 32-bit PCI bus, 100Mbit Ethernet, 16C550-compatible UART's, 32 I/O lines and many other essential functions.


  • 1 - 128 Mbyte Flash Disk onboard
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet port (optional)
  • 16 - 64 Mbyte SDRAM
  • 2 to 4 COM ports, LPT port, I/O ports, hard and floppy disk controllers, PS2/AT Keyboard controller
  • 78 x 60 mm - credit card size
  • AMD ElanSC520 CPU. PentiumTM class, 133 MHz, 16 KB cache, FPU
  • Full-featured embedded PC
  • Low power consumption
  • PC/AT system logic and peripherals
  • PCI and ISA buses
  • USB port (optional)