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Texas Micro CI7ZS PICMG single board computer - Pentium III/Celeron, Dual Micro PCI, Ethernet, USB, VGA

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CI7ZS+   Texas Micro CI7ZS+ CPU Boards. PICMG Single Board Computer | Pentium III/Celeron | Dual Micro PCI | Ethernet | USB | VGA | SCSI

BIOSAward BIOS, PnP support, FLASH EEPROM (256KB) for BIOS update, ISA Plug and Play (PnP) extension, Power management
Bus Speed66MHz and 100MHz
ChipsetIntel 440BX / 440ZX AGPset
DiskOnChipThe M-Systems flask disk supports system boot and storage capacity from 2MB to 144MB.
DMI BIOS SupportDesktop Management Interface (DMI) allows users to download system hardware-level information such as CPU type, CPU speed, internal/external frequencies and memory size.
Enhanced IDETwo Bus Mastering EIDE mode, up to 4 devices, Two EIDE interfaces for up to four devices, support PIO Mode 3/4 or Ultra DMA/33 IDE Hard Disk and ATAPI CD-ROM.
EthernetDL39B LAN MicroPCI Daughter Card (also available in DVL68 VGA+LAN MicroPCI Daughter Card,) Realtek RTL8139B Ethernet controller, The Realtek RTL8139B is a highly integrated and
FDDTwo floppy drives (360KB, 720KB, 1.2MB,
Green FunctionPower management via BIOS, activated through mouse/keyboard movement
IrDA InterfacePin-header connector for the optional IrDA external connector
Keyboard and Mouse ConnectorsPS/2 type mini-DIN that supports PC/AT; supports a 5-pin external keyboard connector
Multi I/OWinbond W83977EF
PICMG ComplianceFully compliant to PICMG standards
ProcessorIntel Celeron 300MHz~600MHz
Processor SocketSocket 370 connector
SCSIDS60I SCSI MicroPCI Daughter Card, Initio Inic 1060 Ultra2 SCSI controller, Inic1060 is a single-chip controller that provides a truly high
Secondary CacheCPU integrated
USB InterfaceTwo USB pin-header connectors, compliant with USB Specification Rev. 1.0
VGADV69K VGA MicroPCI Daughter Card (also available in DVL68 VGA+LAN MicroPCI Daughter Card) C&T 69000/69030 VGA controller, Embedded 2MB(69000)/4MB(69030) SDRAM display
Watchdog Timer16-level, programmable, I/O port 0443H to enable watchdog, I/O port 0441H to disable watchdog, Time-out timing select 0/2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30 seconds (+/-20%).
Two 16550 UART compatible ports with COM1 as RS232
Parallel PortOne high-speed parallel port, SPP/EPP/ECP mode Serial Port

The CI7ZS is the world’s first MicroPCI CPU card. It integrates the Intel 440BX or 440ZX AGPset and supports a Socket 370 connector for Intel Celeron or Pentium III processors with frequencies of up to 600MHz. The MicroPCI sockets used are SO-DIMM 144-pin sockets that has 120 pins used for standard PCI signals and other pins for VGA and LAN signals.

Equipped with 2 MicroPCI sockets, users get to choose to insert VGA/LAN/SCSI MicroPCI cards. The DMPCI MicroPCI to PCI adapter can also accommodate these MicroPCI cards.

The CI7ZS is designed with a PCI bridge that is able to support 6 PCI master interface, unlike ordinary CPU cards, which only has 5-PCI master support. It comes with 2 MicroPCI and 4 master PCI interface.

MicroPCI CPU cards offer more reliability in performance and less failure rate in production by integrating all components in only one side of the PCB board. With components on one side, better design and improved quality control is achieved. The CI7ZS MicroPCI CPU card is compatible with all types of PICMG backplane.


  • Chipset: Intel 440BX / 440ZX AGPset
  • Modem ring-on
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 60 C
  • Processor Socket: Socket 370 connector
  • Processor: Intel Celeron 300MHz~600MHz
  • Secondary Cache: CPU integrated
  • Temperature Monitoring and Alert
  • Wake On LAN
  • Windows 95/98 shut-off
  • Year 2000 Compliant BIOS