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Inside Technology 686LCD/MG CPU Board | Supports Intel Pentium & AMD K5/K6 Microprocessors | USB | VGA | Dual LAN | SCSI


686LCD Series

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Battery CircuitExchangeable Li battery
BIOSSystem: American Megatrends, Industry standard; Video: Chips & Technologies; INSIDE BIOS extens.: Setup utility & SSD code; SCSI BIOS-extension: Adaptec SCSI Select
Cache MemoryInternal: 16kB (with Intel); External COAST 3.0 Module with 256kB or 512kB Pipelined Burst SRAM.
CPUIntel Pentium 75-233MHz, MMX; AMD K5 75-166MHz
Dimensions249.7 x 122.9 x (20.0-35.0) mm
Environmental Conditions0ºC - 60ºC operating temp. (forced cooling); 10% - 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Flat Panel InterfacePlasma or EL, SS, 8 bit; Active colour TFT, SS 9/12/15/16/18/24 bit
On-board BusPCI for Ethernet, VGA, EIDE etc.
On-board I/OAT-keyboard, PS/2, 2x RS232C or 1x RS232C & 1x RS/485 serial COM. UART's. 1x Parallel (Centronic, ECP, EPP mode). EIDE hard disk, Floppy drive(2x 360kB to 1.44MB), Standard VGA w/ Flat Panel Port
PanelLinkPanelLink 65MHz, 650 Mbit/sec, 3.3 Volt, Twisted pair IEEE-1284 Cable (up to 10 m. distance to LCD)
Power Supply+5, +12 Volt (+/- 3%). Can operate at +5 volt only; +3.6 Volt Battery (Li); 10-20W typical (Dependent on processor type)
Program MemoryUp to 512MB DRAM memory, EDO or Fast Page
SCSI InterfaceOptional
Secure CMOS optionSecurity backup of CMOS memory within Flash BIOS for auto reload, if CMOS memory is lost
Solid State Disk (SSD)Supports DIP32 Flash or SSD module with up to 8M byte; Software driver handles SSD as normal hard disk drive
USBUniversal Serial Bus, 12Mbit
Video Memory2MB
Video Resolution1280x1024 px (256 colors), SXGA; 1024x768 px (65k colors), XGA; 800x600 px (16M colors), SVGA; 640x480 px (16M colors), VGA
Watchdog circuitSupervision of power supply and program execution; Startup delay; Service interval can be selected

Inside Technology's 686LCD/MG single board computer is a new standard for PENTIUM Computing Power. The 686LCD/MG CPU Board is a fully featured PENTIUM computer implemented on a PC-AT-slot board. It can be used in commercial and industrial environments, especially in applications where very compact mechanical construction and low power consumption are required. It contains all the necessary functional modules, like CPU, DRAM-memory, video controller, Ethernet and peripheral interfaces on a single board, to implement a PENTIUM stand-alone computer system.

The 686LCD/MG is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be equipped with different PENTIUM Processors and memory components and several configuration parameters are freely re-programmable.


  • 65 Bit on-board Video Controller with 2MB of Video RAM
  • Additional controllers and/or user specific I/O extension adapters may be added to the 686LCD/S CPU via the standard passive PC-AT backplane or PC-104 connector.
  • AMI System BIOS, a customized C&T VGA BIOS and INSIDE Technology's BIOS handling system set-up/configuration and solid disk support
  • CMOS backup via on-board Li battery
  • Designed for maximum flexibility
  • Keyboard Port
  • Mixed Voltage design with 3.3 vold Chipset, VGA, and PanelLink controller
  • On-board 3.3 Volt programmable switch mode power supply
  • PCI Ethernet with 10Base-T and "AUI" interface
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • SCSI Interface (OPTIONAL)
  • Solid State Disk (SSD) support with up to 8MB
  • Supports a wide range of Intel Pentium and AMD K5/K6 processors from 75-233MHz
  • USB and IrDA-interface directly on the board