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Inside Technology 686LCD - Half-size Pentium CPU Board | VGA | Dual LAN | SCSI


686LCD Series

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BIOSSystem: American Megatrends, Industry standard, 128kB. Video: Chips & Technologies, 44kB.
CPUINTEL, PENTIUM 75-233MHz, MMX. AMD, K6 166MHz-233MHz. AMD, K5 75-166MHz
LAN10M bit 10BASE-T and “AUI”. Controller on PCI bus with master access capabilities
RTclockDate, time and system config. (with battery backup)
SSDSupports DIP32 Flash or SSD module with up to 8M byte. Software driver handles SSD as normal hard disk drive.
USBUniversal Serial Bus. 12 Mbit.
VGA64 Bit SVGA controller connected to PCI bus for fast access. Controls CRT monitors and Flat panel. 2mb mem.
WatchdogSupervision of power supply and program execution. Startup delay. Service interval can be selected

The 686LCD/S is a new standard for half size PENTIUM Computing Power. The 686LCD CPU Board is a fully featured PENTIUM computer implemented on a half size PC-AT-slot board. It can be used in commercial and industrial environments, especially in applications where very compact mechanical construction and low power consumption are required. It contains all the necessary functional modules, like CPU, DRAM-memory, video controller, Ethernet and peripheral interfaces on a single board, to implement a PENTIUM stand-alone computer system.

The 686LCD/S is designed for maximum flexibility. It can be equipped with different PENTIUM Processors and memory components and several configuration parameters are freely re-programmable.


  • Commercial and industrial environments, especially where very compact mechanical construction and low power consumption are required.
  • Flexibility: can be equipped with different pentium processors and memory components
  • include PCI Ethernet with 10BASE-T and “AUI” interface
  • two RS232C or 1 x RS232C and 1 x RS422/485 serial interface channels, one parallel printer port, one EIDE compatible hard disk interface and one floppy disk controller for peripheral support
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) and IrDA-interface are implemented directly on the board.
  • Versatile 64 Bit on-board Video Controller with 2 MB Video Ram