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ESM evaluation kit: Mini ATX carrier board EC01 with 1 ESM slot, 3 PCI slots, floppy interface; ESM EM02 with ULP Pentium III / 933MHz, graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, USB; temperature range: 0..+60°C; incl. external PSU and adapter for mounting of one PCI-104 module - 512MB DRAM installed, CompactFlash not installed (08EK01-01 = EC01-03 + EM02-04)

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Altitude-300m to + 3,000m
Dimensions170mm x 150mm
Operational temperature range0 to +60C
Relative humidity (storage and operational)max. 95% non-condensing
Storage temperature range-40 to +85C
Supply voltage/power consumption+24V (12V..36V), 1.6A; +24V on in 1, GND on pin
Vibration (sinusoidal)2g/10..150Hz
Weight200g (without floppy drive)

ESM is a complete computer on a module. A final ESM-based embedded application consists either of a stand-alone ESM (the power supply connection being sufficient to operate the module), an ESM with an application-specific carrier card and/or an ESM with additionally plugged PC/104-Plus modules.

The EK01 is a ready-to-use starter kit that allows evaluation of the functions of the EM02 ESM. The kit consists of the standard CPU module, DRAM memory, the carrier card with I/O connectors, an external PSU, and an adapter for mounting a PC/104-Plus module. The EK01 provides versatile mounting options and can also be installed in a standard PC (including a PC/104-Plus module).

After evaluation, the design overhead for each application is limited to I/O. Depending on the application and quantity it may be necessary to develop a simple carrier card, choose PCI-based standard components, write software drivers for those additional functions, or design a housing. This minimal additional design effort can be
carried out by the user or by the manufacturer.

The EM02 is an ideal computing platform for embedded industrial PCs under Windows or Linux. It is controlled by an Ultra-Low Power Tualatin Pentium III with 933MHz or an Ultra-Low Voltage Tualatin Celeron Processor with 400MHz. It provides 16KB L1 and 512KB/256KB L2 cache. The EM02 uses the Intel 815G chip set, including graphics. It provides one VGA connector, one USB 1.1 connector Type A and one Gigabit Ethernet
interface at the front panel. It also provides up to 512MB of DRAM and a CompactFlash slot on board. As an alternative to onboard USB, legacy I/O is routed to the carrier board via the J2 system connector of the EM02. It includes a serial interface, (E)IDE, a floppy interface, as well as two PS/2 interfaces for keyboard and mouse.

The carrier board has an ATX-compatible format and provides the mechanical platform, the power supply and the I/O connectors. It comes with one ESM slot and three PCI slots, which allow the use of standard extension cards in the PC. It is equipped with USB 2.0 (front), a 9-pin D-Sub for an RS232 serial interface (front) and connectors for IDE and floppy. The ESM carrier also features an I2C EEPROM for the board ID and revision information. DVI/TFT/video and AC'97 audio are not supported on the EK01 kit but are available on the EM02 itself for implementation as a hub interface and as a Codec connection on other (custom) carrier cards.

Standard operating system support includes Windows, Linux, QNX, RTX and VxWorks.


  • 33MHz, 32-bit data bus, 5V V-I/O
  • J1 and J2 assembled
  • One ESM slot
  • PCI interface
  • Reset button and power LED
  • Three PCI slots