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  • ROBO-6730VLA
    Portwell ROBO-6710VLA series Intel ULV Celeron M processor based half-sized Single Board Computer PCI with VGA, LCD, LAN and Audio
  • ROCKY-058HV
    IEI ROCKY-058HV CPU Board. Pentium MMX | AMD K5/6/6-2 & Cyrix 6x86MX Support | VGA | USB | RTC
  • INX-386SX
    IEI INX-386SX CPU Board - Half Size 386 XT SBC
    P/N: ROCKY-318-M2, ROCKY-318-M4, ROCKY-318-M4-R3
  • ROCKY-318
    IEI ROCKY-318 CPU Board. 386SX | ISA Half Size | M6177 CPU On Board | Serial & Parallel Ports | FDD | SSD
  • ROCKY-328E
    IEI ROCKY-328E Half Size CPU Board. ISA | Ethernet | PC/104 | Keyboard
    P/N: ROCKY-328E-M2, ROCKY-328E-M4, ROCKY-328E-M4-R2
  • ROCKY-3703EVR
    IEI ROCKY-3703EVR CPU Board. Socket 370 base | 66/100/133MHz FSB support | Celeron /Pentium III SBC | Dual LAN/VGA/Audio/IDE RAID
  • ROCKY-3706EV
    IEI ROCKY-3706EV CPU Board. Socket-370 | 100/133MHz FSB Intel Tualatin | Pentium III | Cerelon | 10/100Mb LAN | VGA
    P/N: ROCKY-3706EVG
  • ROCKY-3708E2V
    IEI ROCKY-3708E2V CPU Board - IEI ROCKY-3708 Series PICMG Socket 370 133MHz FSB Intel PIII / Tualatin / Celeron Single Board Computer with VGA (32MB),USB, SDRAM, Audio & Dual LAN
    P/N: ROCKY-3708EV
  • ROCKY-418
    IEI ROCKY-418 CPU Board. Half Size | ISA Bus Interface | 486DX4-100 on board (Built-in ACC Maple Chipset)
    P/N: ROCKY-418-B15A, ROCKY-418-R3
  • ROCKY-512
    IEI ROCKY-512 CPU Board with Embedded NS GX1-300MHz Processor, VGA, LAN
    P/N: ROCKY-512-128MB, ROCKY-512-64MB, ROCKY-512EV
  • ROCKY-518
    IEI ROCKY-518 Socket 7 ISA bus CPU Card.
    P/N: ROCKY-518HV
  • ROCKY-5ST86
    IEI ROCKY-5ST86 CPU Board - ISA bus 486DX-66 CPU card
  • ROCKY-C800
    IEI ROCKY-C800 CPU Board with Embedded VIA C3 800MHz
  • ROCKY-P218A
    IEI ROCKY-P218A CPU Board | PICMG bus single slot-1 base CPU card with audio | 440LX | Supports PII up to 333Mhz
  • SBC-350
    AAEON SBC-350 Half-size CPU Board. All-In-One 386SX-40 CPU Processor
  • SBC-350A
    Aaeon SBC-350A Half-size CPU Board with ISA Bus Interface, All-In-One 386SX-40 CPU Processor, ALI M1217-40 Chipset, PC/104, Watchdog Timer
  • SBC-356
    AAEON SBC-356 Half Size CPU Board with ISA Bus Interface, 386SX Processor, 40 MHz CPU Speed
    P/N: SBC-356-VER.A2
  • SBC-357
    Aaeon SBC-357 Half-Size CPU Board, 386SX-40 with LCD, & SSD [ 7.3"(L) x 4.8"(W) ]
    P/N: SBC-357-A10-01, SBC-357-A21, SBC-357-C11, SBC-357-C11-01, SBC-357-C11-02, SBC-357-C11-03, SBC-357/4M, SBC-357C, SBC-357N
  • SBC-400
    AAEON SBC-400 CPU Board. Half-size | 486 | All-in-One CPU Card | L2 Cache
  • SBC-410
    Aaeon SBC-410 Half-size ISA CPU Board | Single-board Computer (SBC) | Supports 486SX, 486DX, 486DX2, 486DX4, 5x86, Pentium Over-Drive Compatibles
  • SBC-411E
    Aaeon SBC-411E Half-size CPU Boards with 486 All-in-One Processor, Cache & Ethernet
  • SBC-490
    Aaeon SBC-490 CPU Board. Full-size 486 PCI/ISA-bus CPU Card with SVGA interface | Accepts 486 compatible processors | Fully PC/AT compatible | 32-bit PCI-bus SVGA controller
  • SBC-492
    AAEON SBC-492 PICMG CPU Board | Single-board Computer (SBC) | Supports 486 with SVGA Interface | PCI/ISA CPU Card
  • SBC-552
    Aaeon SBC-552 Half-Size ISA Pentium CPU Board
  • SBC-554
    AAEON SBC-554 CPU Board | Half-size 586 CPU Card with PISA Bus
    P/N: SBC-554V
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