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  • LE-375
    COMMELL LE-375 Fanless 3.5" SBC with Intel® Z510P & US15WP, DDR2 SO-DIMM up to 2GB, VGA, LVDS, DVI, PATA, HD Audio, RS232 and RS232/422/485 , 6 x USB2.0, Digital I/O, DC 9~24V, PCIE mini card, CF, SD 1.1
  • LE-376
    COMMELL LE-376 3.5" embedded board with Intel® Atom™ dual-core Solution Onboard LVDS, VGA, Giga LAN, USB2.0, HD Audio, SATA, CF socket, PCIE Mini card & Mini-PCI socket, DC 9V ~ 24V input
  • LE-575
    COMMELL LE-575 5.25" SBC with Intel® Atom N270 processor, DDR2 up to 2GB, Giga LAN, CRT, HDTV, LVDS, DVI, SATA, Audio, COM, CompactFlash, Mini-PCI, PCI, USB 2.0, 9~24V DC-IN or 24-pin ATX
  • LI6BM
    Texas Micro LI6BM - Pentium II/III 440BX JumperFree Motherboard, Audio, Video, USB
  • LB-735
    Ampro LB-735 LittleBoard 735, Atom EBX Single Board Computer, Feature Rich, Legacy Friendly
  • LK
    LK 500Mhz Board, for Win XP or Linux, 500Mhz AMD CPU =1Ghz PC, VGA, LAN, IDE, SODimm Ram slot 1Gb max, 4 USB, Audio, CE, FCC. 12V DC input, 40 watt.
  • LLS-572
    Commell LLS-572 - Single-Board CPU | Intel® Core 2 Quad/ Core 2 Duo/ Celeron processor with LGA775 | ICH9DO built-in 4 x Serial ATAII interface
  • LP-170
    COMMELL LP-170 - Intel Atom Processor, Onboard LVDS, VGA, Giga LAN, USB2.0, HD Audio, SATA, CF socket, PCIE Mini card
  • LP-171
    COMMELL LP-171 Intel Atom Processor, Onboard VGA , DVI , LVDS , Intel Gigabit LAN HD Audio , Compactflash socket , USB, COM , PCIE mini card socket
    IEI LPISA-KIT01 LPC-to-ISA Bridge Module
  • LPM- DX5
    WinSystems LPM-DX5 STD BUS 5x86 SBC with PC/104 Expansion
  • LS-373
    COMMELL LS-373 Support Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with DDRIII SO-DIMM, CRT, LVDS, Gigabit LAN, Mini PCI, Serial ATAII, PCI Express mini card and HD Audio
  • LS-377
    Commell LS-377 CPU Board - i7/i5/i3 rPGA988A 3.5" Mini CPU Board. 3.5" Embedded Board with Intel QM57 Chipset based on Core i7/i5 rPGA988A Mobile processor
  • LS-563
    COMMELL LS-563 5.25" CPU Board with Socket 370, Pentium-III/Celeron Tualatin processor, LVDS/TTL TFT/DSTN LCD/CRT SVGA, TV-out, LAN, Audio 4 COM/2 LPT, 16-bit GPIO, PC/104-plus
  • LS-573
    COMMELL LS-573 5.25" Mainboard with Intel® GM45 provides platform for Intel® Core™ 2 Duo with Socket P @ FSB 667/800/1066 MHz, DDR3 up to 8GB, 6 Giga LAN, CRT, LVDS, HDTV, SATA, HD Audio, 6 x COM, Mini PCI and PCI expand slot
  • LS486
    Texas Micro LS486 66MHz 486DX2 processor ISA Full Size CPU Board with SCSI, IDE, FDD, Parallel, VGA
  • LV-666
    Commell LV-666 - VIA C3 1.0/1.2 GHz with onboard VGA, LAN, LPT, IEEE 1394, COM, USB, TV-out, with Compactflash socket (opt.)
  • LV-673E
    Commell LV-673E - Intel Pentium M Mini-ITX motherboard with VGA, Dual LAN, SATA, USB 2.0 , Audio, 4 x RS232 serial, LVDS, Mini-PCI, PCI-Express, PCMCIA, CF
  • LV-67C
    Commell LV-67C - Mini-ITX Single Board Computer w/ Onboard VGA, DVI, 2x Gigabit LAN, 8x USB2.0, 4x serial Port, 4x SATA, 1x IrDA, Realtek HD 5.1CH Audio, Mini-PCI, PCIE Minicard, PCIE x16
  • LV-67D
    Mini-ITX CPU Board with Intel Atom N270 processor, DDR2 up to 2.0 GB, 2x Giga LAN, Onboard VGA, HDTV, LVDS or DVI, SATA, HD Audio, 6x COM, 8x USB 2.0 1x PCI Express Mini card & 1x Mini-PCI socket, 1x PCI slot
  • LV-67E
    Commell LV-67E - Mini-ITX Single Board Computer Intel Atom Processor, Onboard LVDS, VGA, 2x Giga LAN, 8x USB2.0, HD Audio, 3x SATA, CF socket, PCI, Mini-PCI, 2x PCIE Mini-Card, IDE, 6x Serial Port
  • LV-67F
    Commell LV-67F CPU Board - Support Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 CPU with DDRIII SO-DIMM, CRT, LVDS, Gigabit LAN, PCIE x16, Mini PCI, PCI Express mini card, Serial ATAII, 7.1Channel HD Audio, SPDIF
  • M1900
    IBASE M1900 CPU Board - LGA775 Intel Core2 Duo Mini-ITX Motherboard w/Intel Q965 Express Chipset
  • MANO110
    Axiomtek MANO110 Mini ITX CPU Board with AMD64 Athlon processor, HDMI, DVI-D, VGA, 4 COM and 8 USB ports
  • MAT486
    Embedtec MAT486 Multibus Intel 486DX4 CPU installed with heat sink and operating at 75MHz.
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