02/04/2015 - Vox Technologies ICE-9652 IEI CPU Board

IEI ICE-9652-R10 CPU board COM Express Basic Type 2 Module, Intel Core Duo Processor, VGA/LVDS, GbE, SATA, USB and Audio

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01/28/2015 - Vox Technologies Now Offering Kontron 08012-3232-13-0 CPU Board

Full PC functionality at the size of a business card

The DIMM-PC/520-I is an extremely compact PC module to be plugged on to customized base boards. The new DIMM-PC/520-I, based on AMD Elan SC520 133 MHz, features high performance with an integrated floating point unit, up to 32 MByte DRAM and 32 MByte IDE compatible Flash. Due to the extreme low power design no active cooling is required. The integrated high functionality of a x86 CPU Module comes along with all common. PC interfaces (2xserial TTL, Printer, Keyboard, Floppy).

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01/15/2015 - Vox Technologies Now Carries Lineage Power 596B6 Switchmode Rectifier!

Introducing the Lineage Power GALAXY Switchmode Rectifier 596B6

Ideal for today’s 24V wireless applications, the new 596B6 rectifier from Lineage Power provides the highest quality DC power for telecommunications. This 24V 137A rectifier builds upon the same reliability and quality as other 596 series rectifier while featuring an improved power density. The 596B6 rectifier provides 24V at 137Aup to 40°C and operates up to 85°C.

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09/07/2010 - Vox Technologies Launches Single Board Computer Portal

Vox Technologies has launched, a resource for Single Board Computers and their industrial applications. Our goal is to provide valuable information for the industrial community in the form of product details, news and announcements, and manufacturer information.

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05/25/2010 - Vox Launches Product Change Notice (PCN) & End-of-Life (EOL) Blog Categories

There are two specific areas of the new Industrial Computing Blog that we would like everyone to be aware of. The Product Change Notice (PCN) and End-of-Life (EOL) categories will be updated with the latest news from our manufacturers regarding equipment changes and discontinuations.

We hope that this will allow everyone to stay informed of PCNs and EOLs from companies like AAEON, Kobiconn, Kontron, IEI, Winmate, ACrosser, etc.


05/6/2010 - Tektronix Opens DFW Service & Calibration Center

Tektronix has recently opened a new service center in the DFW region of Texas. Here is what they had to say about their new facility, what services it offers, and how you can get 20% off any service or callibration for a limited time.

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04/26/2010 - Power Supply Repair & Replacement Service now available from Vox Technologies

We would like to announce our new Power Supply Repair and Replacement Service. Visit the previous link or click on "Read More" below for details.

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04/20/2010 - Vox Technologies Launches Industrial Computing and Automation Blog

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Industry Blog. Check it out, participate, and let us know what you think!

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04/05/2010 - Vox Technologies to carry and support Acrosser's new Extended Temp. Embedded PC

Acrosser has introduced the new AR-ES0631ET and AR-B1531ET Extended Temperature Embedded PC Systems, and Vox Technologies will be carrying and supporting them...

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03/23/2010 - ACT-408A Access Control Terminal now available at Vox Technologies!

Vox Technologies is proud to offer and support IEI Technology's new ACT-408A access control terminal. The ACT-408A has an 8" touch screen, an EM/Mifare RFID reader and a 1.6 GHz Intel® Atom™ N270 processor for ultra low voltage, fanless operation. Attention grabbing multimedia content, advertising and information, can be delivered via the Ethernet connection on the ACT-408A...

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03/22/2010 - Vox Technologies Launches Exclusive VoxShield Warranty and Service Program

VoxShield is a completely customizable solution to protect industrial computing equipment investments, saving time, resources, money and sanity. Has your company ever been let down by manufacturer support on a critical product or solution? Do you need equipment that can be gauranteed beyond it's end-of-life date? You need VoxShield.

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03/10/2010 - IEI Announces One Key Recovery Solution

IEI's one key recovery solution includes exclusive technology to recover and backup your operating system with just one simple click.

For more information, please visit

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03/08/2010 - IEI Announces Intelligent Access Control Panel PC: ACT-08A

The ACT-08A, 8.4" SVGA RFID Panel PC, is an intelligent all-in-one access control terminal that reads both MIFARE and EM tags and transponders. Built on the low power, low heat x86 Intel®910GMLE and Intel® 945GSE chipsets, the ACT-08A represents the ideal choice of access control panel PC...
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10/30/2009 - Vox Technologies Has Moved!

We outgrew our old building! It's too bad, really, because moving is never fun... but to better accommodate our growing team we decided it was the right thing to do!
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02/02/2007 - Vox Technologies Releases the Vox AC Power Source

Vox Technologies introduces its benchtop, high reliability 500VA Variable AC Power Source. This compact unit is packed with the appealing features! See details.

12/08/2006 - Vox Technologies Releases the Vox Amplifier / Generator

Vox Technologies releases the Vox Amplifier / Generator. Vox Amplifiers are suited to perform in both industrial and medical applications. Up to 300 Watts of RF Power From 20 kHz to 14 MHz For Industrial, Laboratory And Medical Applications.
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8/30/2006 - Vox Technologies' T1/E1 Intelligent Channel Bank

Vox Technologies releases its new product, the T1/E1 Intelligent Channel Bank. The Vox Intelligent Channel Bank (ICB) enables you to affordably and effectively manage your T1/E1 voice and data services. With its advanced design and multi-service compatibility, the VOX ICB maximizes T1/E1 services while minimizing installation, maintenance and support costs.
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4/1/2006 – Vox Technologies website launch

Vox Technologies launches its new website to better serve our partners and clients. The new website contains valuable information and resources. Ease of navigation and a clean user interface were a top priority in the design of the website.