Power Supply Repair and Replacement

Power Supply Repair and Service Warranty


Everything in today's world of computerized technologies requires power, and the power supplies that keep all of our equipment up and running deserve the same care and maintenance that we give to the essential operating machinery. Unfortunately, faulty power supplies are often thrown out and replaced, but what if there isn't a replacement?

That's where Vox Technologies' new Power Supply Repair & Service program comes in. We fix it, then we work with you to customize a VoxShield Service Program that covers future repairs and service. You can choose to have us available for expedited service, provide a spare in case of an accident, etc - the service plan is completely customizable to any situation or budget.


Contact Us today to take advantage of this new Power Supply Repair and Service Program.

We also specialize in locating and getting our hands on hard to find equipment, so we can likely find a power supply replacement for your broken or malfunctioning equipment. Simply give us a call with the model or part number and we will do our best to find the power supply you need.