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  • 10P0870GC00X0
    PICMG 1.3 Full-Size SBC, Intel® 945G Chipset, LGA775 Core 2 Duo CPU support Max. 2 GB DDR2 400 DIMM, VGA integrated , 2 x Intel 82573L PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet, 4 x SATA ports
    P/N: 10P0870VL00X0
  • FS-978
    Commell FS-978 Full Size PICMG Single Board Computer - Pentium 4, Intel Hyper-Threading Intel Extreme Graphics 2, Dual LAN(with 1 Giga LAN), Hi-Speed USB 2.0, SCSI, S-ATA, Mini-AGP, CompactFlash
    P/N: FS-978PVL, FS-978PVL2, FS-978VL, FS-978VL2, FS-978VL2S, FS-978VLS
  • FS-979
    Commell FS-979 CPU Board. Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 with DDR II 400/533, VGA, SATA, DVI, GPIO, Serial port, USB2.0, AC97 Audio, Smart CPU FAN, Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-979PVDG3, FS-979PVDL, FS-979VDG3, FS-979VDL
  • FS-97A
    Commell FS-97A CPU Board. Full-size | Intel Pentium M processor | Socket479 | DDR333 Onboard VGA | Compact Flash Mini-AGP | USB2.0 | Audio | LVDS | Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-97AVL, FS-97AVL2
  • 1P0765VL01X0
    Nexcom 1P0765VL01X0 CPU Boards-PICMG Full-Size SBC, Intel 915GV Chipset, LGA775 P4 CPU up to 3.8 GHz, 533/800 MHz FSB, 32-bit/33 MHz PCI, Max. 4 GB DDR2 400 DIMM,VGA integrated
  • ACTI-648L
    Portwell ACTI-648L CPU Board. PICMG | On-board AGP VGA | Pentium III Processor | Normal Capacitor | PS/2 Mouse and K/B connectors | RS-232 connectors | Two 168-pin DIMM sockets | USB port
  • ACTI-777
    Portwell ACTI-777 CPU Board. PICMG | Dual Intel Pentium III processors | Intel graphics | Ethernet solutions (RIMM memory supported) | Single LAN | VGA Video | No SCSI
  • ACTI-788
    Portwell ACTI-788 CPU Board. PICMG SBC with on-board AGP VGA, based on the dual socket 370 processor
  • CPC1100
    Fastwel CPC1100 PICMG CPU Board with Intel Pentium M90 processor
    P/N: CPC1100-01-P2.0-C
  • EPC-3305
    Radisys EPC-3305 Pentium III CompactPCI Peripheral Processor - PICMG 2.0, 2x PMC, Ethernet
  • FS-961
    Commell FS-961 PICMG CPU Board with Socket 370, Pentium-III/Celeron processor, 10/100Mbps LAN Interface, Flat Panel SVGA/ CRT UXGA, 36-bit LVDS
    P/N: FS-961VTL, FS-961VXL
  • FS-977
    Commell FS-977 - Full-size PICMG, Pentium 4, DDR CPU Card w/ Intel Hyper-Threading, Intel Extreme Graphics, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Audio, DOC, ISA 64mA High Drive, Dual LAN
    P/N: FS-977VL, FS-977VL2
  • FS-97B
    Commell FS-97B CPU Board - CPU Card w/ VGA, Mini-PCI, HD Audio, DVI, LVDS, USB, SATA, Intel Core 2 Quad, Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-97BDG, FS-97BDG2, FS-97BXG, FS-97BXG2
  • FS-97C
    Commell FS-97C - FSC97 Series, CPU Card w/ VGA, Mini-PCI, Audio, DVI, LVDS, USB, SATA, IDE, Intel Mobil Core 2 Duo, Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-97CEDG, FS-97CEDG2
  • FS-A70
    Commell FSA70 CPU Board - Support Intel Core 2 Duo/2 Quad CPU with DDRII, Onboard VGA, Mini-PCI, HD Audio, USB, SATA, Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-A70G, FS-A70G2
  • FS-A71
    Commell FSA71 -Intel Core 2 Duo/ Celeron M Mobile processor with DDRII, Onboard VGA, Mini-PCI, HD Audio, USB, SATA, Dual Gigabit LAN
    P/N: FS-A71G, FS-A71G2
  • HS-5060
    Boser HS-5060 CPU Board - Pentium 586MMX PICMG CPU Card with VGA/Intel LAN/Adaptec SCSI-III/PCI Bridge.
  • HS-6037
    BOSER HS-6037 PICMG CPU Board | Single-board Computer (SBC) | Supports Socket 370 | CRT/Panel | SCSI | Dual LAN
    P/N: HS-6037L, HS-6037LLV, HS-6037LV, HS-6037LVS, HS-6037V
  • HS-6300
    BOSER HS-6300 Dual Pentium II\\III Slot 1 PICMG Single Board Computer - USB, COM, Parallel, VGA, LAN
  • HS-6300V
    Boser HS-6300V CPU Board - Dual Intel Slot 1 PII/III PICMG CPU Card with VGA/LCD
  • HS-6301
    Boser HS-6301 CPU Board - Dual Coppermine 370 443BX PICMG CPU Card with VGA/LCD/Dual Intel LAN/Ultra III SCSI/PCI Bridge/TV-Out.
  • HS 7001 VER 1.2
    Boser HS 7001 VER 1.2 CPU Board with Socket 478, 533MHz FSB P4(with Fan), CRT, Audio, 1GL1L, 4C & USB2.0, Intel 82845GV/82801DB, Intel 82845GV with 1MB/8MB memory supporting CRT
    P/N: HS 7001 VER 1.4
  • HS-7001
    Boser HS-7001 Single Board Computer. PICMG | Intel Pentium 4 Processor (with Cooler)| VGA | Audio | Dual LAN | USB2.0
  • HS-7002A
    BOSER HS-7002A Intel Pentium 4/Celeron D processor PICMG Bus SBC with CRT, GB LAN, SATA, USB2.0
  • HS-7003
    Boser HS-7003 Intel® Pentium® 4 processor PICMG Bus SBC with CF, CRT/LVDS, Dual GB LAN, Audio, SATA, 6 USB2.0
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