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  • ACTI-688
    Portwell ACTI-688 Single Board Computer. Dual Intel Pentium III Processor | PICMG | On-board I/O
  • AP-370CF
    Lanner Electronics AP-370CF Full size Single Board Computer. Intel Pentium III/Celeron Support | RS-232 | RS-232/422/485 | USB | IDE | DiskOnChip | Watchdog Timer | No LAN/SCSI
    P/N: AP-370DF, AP-370F
  • AP-520
    Lanner Electronics AP-520 CPU Board. Full-size | Socket 7 | 4x Ultra DMA/33 EIDE | Disk on Chip | 2x USB ports
  • AP-540TX
    Lanner Electronics AP-540TX PICMG Full Size Single Board Computer -Socket 7, Intel 430TX, VGA, DoC
  • AP-686DF
    Lanner Electronics AP-686 Pentium II/III full size PICMG single board computer, USB, VGA, SSD, No LAN
  • ATC5232
    AdvancedTCA Node Blade (InfiniBand)
  • ATC6231
    Diversified Technology ATC6231 AdvancedTCA Node Blade (Dual Core, Ethernet)
  • C12
    C12 1.2Ghz Board Intel Celeron SiS662, DDR2 slot, VGA, SATA, Audio, IDE, PCI slot, Lan, 6 USB (some by hdr), 1 COM, 1 Par, PS2, ATX power, CE, FCC, RoHS.
  • CI7ZS
    Texas Micro CI7ZS PICMG single board computer - Pentium III/Celeron, Dual Micro PCI, Ethernet, USB, VGA
    P/N: CI7ZS+
  • CI7ZSV
    Texas Micro CI7ZS - Single-Board CPU | Pentium III/Celeron | Dual Micro PCI
  • FSB-860B
    AAEON FSB-860B CPU Board. Full-Size SBC With Intel Pentium 4/ Celeron Socket 478 Processor with Full-size CPU Card with DDR, Ethernet, CompactFlash
    P/N: TF-FSB-860B-A10-E2, TF-FSB-860B-A10-F, TF-FSB-860B-A10-V, TF-FSB-860B-A10-VE, TF-FSB-860B-A10-VG
  • FSB-865G
    AAEON FSB-865G CPU Board. Full-Size SBC With Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 Processor With DDR, Ethernet, CompactFlash & Mini PCI
    P/N: TF-FSB-865G-A11-E2, TF-FSB-865G-A11-F, TF-FSB-865G-A11-G2, TF-FSB-865G-A11-RF, TF-FSB-865G-A11-V, TF-FSB-865G-A11-VE, TF-FSB-865G-A11-VG
  • FSB-866G
    AAEON FSB-866G CPU Board. Full-Size SBC With Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 PICMG, Full-size CPU Card with DDR, Ethernet, CompactFlash
    P/N: TF-FSB-866G-A11-E2, TF-FSB-866G-A11-EG, TF-FSB-866G-A11-G2, TF-FSB-866G-A11-V, TF-FSB-866G-A11-VE, TF-FSB-866G-A11-VG
  • FSB-868G
    Aaeon FSB-868G CPU Board. Full-Size | Intel Core 2 Duo LGA775 Processor | DDRII | Ethernet | ISA/PCI/PCI Express
    P/N: TF-FSB-868G-B10-E2, TF-FSB-868G-B10-G2, TF-FSB-868G-B10-RF, TF-FSB-868G-B10-VE, TF-FSB-868G-B10-VG
  • FSB-960H
    Aaeon FSB-960H Series Full-size CPU Boards | PICMG 1.3 Single Board Computer (SBC) | with LGA775 Socket Supports Intel Core 2 Duo/ Core 2 Quad Processors | DDRII, Ethernet, IDE/PCI/PCI-Express
    P/N: TF-FSB-960H-A10-EG, TF-FSB-960H-A10-G2, TF-FSB-960H-A10-RF
  • HD15
    E-Way TEchnology Systems HD15 1.5Ghz CPU Board | C7, CX700M 2.5Ghz PC | DVI Out, HDTV Out, DVI, Mpeg4, Wmv9 acceleration, Video Input | VGA Graphics | 6 USB, DDR2 533 RAM Slot | 1 Gb LAN | IDE, SATA2, RAID | 6 Channel Audio | 2 COM Header | PCI Slot | CE, FCC, RoHS
  • HS-6252LV
    Boser HS-6252LV CPU Board. 800MHz Embedded CPU | PCI-ISA Bus Single Board Computer with VGA & LAN
  • HS-6253LV
    Boser HS-6253LV CPU Board. 800MHz | Embedded CPU | PCI-ISA BusSingle Board Computer with CRT/Panel & LAN
  • HV15
    HV15 1.5Ghz Board C7, fast CX700 =2.5Ghz PC, HDTV Out, HDMI, HDTV, HDMI, Mpeg4, WMV9 accel, Video In, 2 Com hdr, VGA, 6 USB, DDR2 ram slot, 1Gb Lan, IDE, SATA2, RAID, 6 Ch Audio, PCI slot, CE, FCC, RoHS. Option: 2 Lan, 3 Lan, 4 Lan, 4 Com.
  • IB700
    Ibase IB700 CPU Board. Full Size | Socket 370 PICMG | Intel 440BX | Pentium III/Celeron processor | without LAN, VGA, SCSI functions
  • IP-4S-RS
    IEI IP-4S-RS - 4 Slot Backplane with 3 PCI Bus
  • L15
    L15 1.5Ghz Board C7, CN700 =2.5Ghz PC, 2 Gb LAN, VGA, DDR2 slot, PCI slot, 6Ch Audio, IDE, 6 USB 2.0, 2 SATA, RAID, 2 COM (1 hdr), Parallel hdr. Expandable to 2 Lan, 3 Lan , 4 Lan, ATX power, CE, FCC, RoHS.
  • LK
    LK 500Mhz Board, for Win XP or Linux, 500Mhz AMD CPU =1Ghz PC, VGA, LAN, IDE, SODimm Ram slot 1Gb max, 4 USB, Audio, CE, FCC. 12V DC input, 40 watt.
  • MB800
    Ibase MB800 Industrial ATX Motherboard, Pentium 4 Industrial Motherboard with 533MHz FSB and USB 2.0 support, 3x PCI, 3x ISA slots, Intel 845G chipset, Dual LAN Intel 82540EM 10/100/1000 / 82551QM 10/100. Integrated VGA Intel 845G chipset
  • MPCBL0010
    Diversified Technology MPCBL0010 CPU Board - Intel NetStructure MPCBL0010 Single Board Computer
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