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  • 986LCD-M/FLEX
    Kontron 986LCD-M/fLEX 986LCD-M/fLEX 810210-4500 CPU Board | Intel 945GM + Intel ICH7R Embedded Chipset, Intel Core2 Duo mobile processor support | with 2x PCI, 2x 10/100/1000 LAN
  • 810180-4500
    Kontron 810180-4500 886LCD-M/Flex CPU Board | Industrial Motherboard | with 3x PCI | no CF | 3x 10/100/100 LAN
  • 810184-4500
    Kontron 810184-4500 886LCD-M/Flex CPU Board | Industrial Motherboard | with 3x PCI | no CF | 3x 10/100/1000 LAN
  • 886LCD-M/Flex
    Kontron 886LCD-M/Flex CPU Board. Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Support | SATA | VGA | COM | LVDS | Audio | Up to 3x GbE LAN | 3x PCI Slots
    P/N: 886LCD/ATXU(GV)
  • 965MTX
    Long-Life Motherboard Featuring Multi Core Processing
  • AIMB-542
    Advantech AIMB-542 microATX CPU Board. LGA775, Pentium 4 Processor
    P/N: AIMB-542VE-00A1E
  • AIMB-554
    Advantech AIMB-554 MicroATX CPU Board. Socket 478 Core 2 Duo/Core Duo/ Celeron M Processor, DDR2/Dual LAN
    P/N: AIMB-554VG-00A1E
  • AIMB-556
    Advantech AIMB-556 MicroATX CPU Board. Socket 478, Intel Core 2 Duo/Celeron M Processor, DDR2/4 COM/Dual LAN
    P/N: AIMB-556G2-00A1E
  • AIMB-560
    Advantech AIMB-560 microATX CPU Board. LGA775, Pentium 4 Processor, DDR2/Dual GbE LAN
    P/N: AIMB-560G2-00A1E, AIMB-560VG-00A1E
  • AIMB-562
    Advantech AIMB-562 CPU Board. LGA 775 Core 2 Duo/Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron D Processor-based MicroATX with DDR2/PCIe/LAN
    P/N: AIMB-562VG-00A1E
  • AIMB-564
    Advantech AIMB-564 MicroATX CPU Board. LGA 775, Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/Pentium 4/Celeron D Processor, DDR2/PCIe/Single GbE LAN
  • AIMB-640
    Advantech AIMB-640 CPU Board. Socket 478 Mini ATX SBC w/LVDS, SATA, 6 COM
    P/N: AIMB-640F-00A1, AIMB-640F-00A2E, AIMB-640G-00A2E, AIMB-640L2-00A2E
  • AR-B1693
    Acrosser AR-B1693 Mini-ITX CPU Board with VIA CN400 Embedded processor, VGA (CRT/LCD) LAN, Audio
  • AR-B1794
    Acrosser AR-B1794 Mini-ITX Pentium 4 Embedded PC with TV out, LVDS, 4 COM, USB 2.0, SATA, Audio
  • AR-B1798
    Acrosser AR-B1798 Mini-ITX, Pentium 4/Celeron D, Dual GB LANs, 8x USB2.0, CRT
  • AR-B1890
    Acrosser AR-B1890 CPU Board with Intel Pentium M/Celeron M Processor, Socket 478, Mini-ITX
  • AR-B1892
    Acrosser AR-B1892 Mini-ITX CPU Board with Intel Core 2 Duo, VGA, DVI, LVDS, TV-Out, 6 x COM, PCI/PCIe x16 expansion
  • AR-B1894
    Acrosser AR-B1894 Mini IT board, Intel Pentium M/Celeron M, 3xGb LANs, 6x USB2.0, CRT/LCD, Audio
  • AR-B5495
    Acrosser AR-B5495 Mini-ITX CPU Board with Intel Atom N270, Dual Display, Giga LAN, PCI Slot, 8 x COM, 6 x USB2.0, SATA
  • B6901970
    Portwell B6901970 2 Ports USB Cable | with Bracket
  • BL330-B
    IToX BL330-B CPU Board Intel Q35 Express chipset ICH9 8GB DDR2 Memory. Supports Celeron, Pentium Core 2 Duo Processors.
  • BL330-BR
    Itox BL330-BR CPU Board Intel Q35 Express chipset ICH9R 8GB DDR2 Memory
  • EM-9640
    Lanner Electronics EM-9640 CPU Board - AMD Geode NX with VGA/ SATA/ LAN/ USB/ COM/ Audio/ LPT/ LVDS/ CF/ Mini-PCI
    P/N: EM-9640A, EM-9640B, EM-9640C
  • EM-9641
    Lanner Electronics EM-9641 CPU Board - Intel 852GME uFC-PGA 478 Pentium 4/Celeron Mini ITX motherboard
    P/N: EM-9641B, EM-9641D
  • EM-9642
    Lanner Electronics EM-9642 CPU Board - Intel 855GME uFC-PGA 478 Pentium M/Celeron M Mini ITX motherboard
    P/N: EM-9642A, EM-9642B
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