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Download a copy of the DNX-Multiservice Access Concentrator  Brochure (PDF 987Kb)



DNX Multiservice Access Concentrators

DNX-4 | DNX-11 | DNX-88 | PSX-5300 | 

DNX "the right-sized platform"
  The DNX is a family of Multiservice Access Concentration platforms that provide solutions for the access network needs of wireless and wireline service providers. The DNX product suite has helped revolutionize the way services are delivered. This breakthrough technology has enabled over 100 service providers worldwide to deliver services more cost effectively by providing the power of a mammoth digital cross-connect in a compact and scalable platform, and by combining unique edge networking features not found in traditional DCS systems at a fraction of the cost.

All DNX products can accommodate both narrowband (DS0 to T1/E1) and
broadband (DS3/STS1 to OC3/STM1) applications and are adaptable to a wide range of networks – wireless service providers, network overbuilders, IXCs, ILECs, Independents, ISPs, SS7 providers, and international carriers. Within each of these carrier networks, the DNX has been employed to solve many different network problems – grooming and service delivery, port concentration, backhaul consolidation – while providing the remote test access functionality required to secure customer satisfaction.

As networks migrate from copper to optical and circuit-switched to packet- and
cell-based technologies, the DNX family facilitates these transitions. By connecting
copper-based edge facilities to optical core infrastructures and providing port concentration and grooming for protocol-based platforms, the DNX becomes
the bridge between present networks and those of the future.

Architecture: Each member of the DNX product family employs a common mid-plane architecture. At its core, the system features a narrowband (1/0) switching fabric that has been distributed throughout the system while incorporating broadband/wideband switching (DS3/DS1/VT/VC) within the same fabric. The non-blocking switching fabric can accommodate more than 600 T1 or 500 E1 interfaces, 24 DS3 or STS1 interfaces and up to 8 OC3/STM1 interfaces. Additionally, all interfaces can be protected on an N+1 or 1+1 basis depending on the interface type, along with 1+1 redundancy in the common elements. The DNX is a true carrier class product with NEBS-Level 3 compliance and an array of network management options.

DNX Investment Protection and System Compacities

System Management: Network Operations personnel can perform configuration, provisioning, and a wide variety of diagnostic tests from a menu-driven user-interface or a comprehensive element management platform. The DNX provides an embedded multi-level security scheme through a craftsperson interface, telnet, SNMP, or dial-up (internal modem) interfaces. Audit trails, circuit naming and configuration uploads and downloads are just a few of the features included. System enhancements are made available online at no charge and are facilitated using TFTP and Flash memory, making the DNX cost of ownership lower than competitive offerings.

Reliability and Redundancy: The DNX family offers redundancy at all levels of operation. Redundant System Management Controllers (SMCs) provide central control and offer internal stratum 3 timing with holdover and hitless switchover, ensuring no service interruptions. The DNX-11 and DNX-88 can be configured with AC or DC redundant load sharing power supplies with independent inputs from power distribution panels. Power supplies are monitored and provide alarming in the event of a failure.

The PSX-5300 Protection Switch provides redundancy on electrical interfaces including T1/E1, DS3 and STS1 on an N+1 basis. This allows the DNX to be optionally deployed with redundancy without burdening the base system cost. The PSX, used with the DNX-11 or DNX-88, ensures that service outages due to equipment failure will not jeopardize a carrier’s desire to provide 99.999% network availability.

Application modules interface with the System Manager modules by means of twin communication busses on the DNX midplane. Utilizing redundant paths to control modules within the DNX nest is another way to ensure that access to system modules and interfaces is available when needed.

All of the systems modules are Hot Swappable. Utilizing non-volatile FLASH memory, the DNX Application, Interface and System Manager modules can be readily upgraded as new features are made available.


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