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Source for VMEbus, PMC Modules, CompactPCI, Single Board Computers, Rackmount Servers, and Rackmount Chassis

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Industrial Products

  The Most Cost-effective 19" 4U Rackmount PC Chassis


  • Three 5.25" and two 3.5" drive bays for RAID 0, 1, 5 & CD-ROM

  • Two ball-bearing cooling fans for better ventilation

  • Traditional Rackmount handles

  • Dual card retainer positions and one K/B connector cap included

  • One modularized function panel for single & dual systems

  • ATX M/B applicable, especially for big-AT size M/B

  • PS/2 redundant power supply installable




RPC500NP is the most cost-effective 19" 4U Rackmount chassis designed for various kinds of servers, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and telecommunication applications.

The rugged, sturdy, full-sealed and well-cooled steel chassis is specially designed to withstand heavy shocks, dust, humidity, trembling vibration and extremely high operating temperature in the harsh environment. 

These useful enhancements to meet the newest technology make RPC500NP the best choice to integrate your Rackmount systems.

We enhanced RPC500NP with a special designed driver- set to hold one more device such as CD-ROM with FDD inside the chassis, it will leave more device space for high level application.


Features Benefits
  • 19" 4U Rackmount chassis meets EIA RS-310C standard

  • Easy to fit in a 19" cabinet from different venders

  • A lockable front door with acrylic windows

  • Power switch with LED indicator, reset and K/B lock switches inside the lockable door

  • Good for dust-proof

  • Avoid accidental reset for better running security

  • Running status visible

  • Modularized function panel for one or dual systems

  • Reserve LED holes for redundant power supplies

  • Easy for installing dual systems and redundant PSU

  • Easy to keep stock and OEM project

  • Replaceable air filter

  • Good for easy cleaning

  • New K/B connectors cap

  • Good for dust-proof at the front K/B connector

  • Two ball-bearing cooling fans

  • Better ventilation to provide the system with higher reliability

  • Enhanced drive bracket to hold 3x5.25"+1x3.5" (or EZ-Kit) and 1x3.5" drives (internal)

  • More flexibility to integrate varied systems

  • Suitable for installing RAID and CD-ROM drive

  • Shock-mount cushion for the drive bracket

  • Suitable for harsh industrial environment

  • Changeable modularized back panel for 14-slot ISA/PICMG BP or ATX M/B

  • Only one minute needed to change the back panel

  • Easy to change to different backplanes and keep stock

  • Field replaceable power supply bracket for both normal PS/2 PSU and PS/2 type redundant PSU

  • Only 3 minutes needed to change the defective PSU

  • Only 30 seconds to change the defective PSU module





  • Heavy-duty steel with aluminum front panel

Air Filter

  • One replaceable filter

Cooling Fan

  • One 12cm (86.5cfm) and one 8cm (35.3cfm) ball-bearing cooling fans

Disk Drive Housing

  • External: 5.25"x 3 + 3.5" FDDx1

  • Internal: 3.5" HDDx1

Card Retainer

  • Two locations for one card retainer


  • One for reset, one for power On/Off and one for K/B lock

Keyboard Connector

  • Standard PS/2 K/B connectors at the front panel

Keyboard Connector Cap

  • One cap at the front panel

Standard Color

  • Beige, black


  • 482(W) x 450(D) x 177(H) mm

  • 19"(W) x 17.7"(D) x 7"(H)


  • Net: 15.5kg (34.4lb)

  • Gross: 17.5kg (38.9lb)


  • 14-slot ISA backplane

  • 14-slot PICMG 12xPCI active backplane

  • 14-slot active backplane

  • 14-slot PICMG 4xPCI backplane

  • 13-slot PICMG dual-system backplane

Power Supply (ORION-330A)

Maximum Output

  • 330W

Output Voltage & Current

  • +5V@30A, +12V@14A, -5V@0.5A, -12V@1A

Input Voltage

  • 95 - 132V/185 - 264V Auto-range

Input Frequency

  • 47Hz - 63Hz

Input Current

  • 10A max./115V, 5A max./230V


  • Min. 70%

MTBF Reliability

  • Min. 500,000 hours at 25C (70F)


  • UL, CSA, TV, FCC, CE


Operating Temperature 

  • 0 to +55C

Storage Temperature 

  • 0 to +70C

Relative Humidity

  • 5% to 95%, non-condensing


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