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An Overview of Channel Banks and Industry Applications

Access Bank™ Voice and Data Multiplexers from VoxTechnologies Corp., are the most advanced and cost-effective T1 access solutions on the market today. The Access Bank I is the simple, powerful channel bank for connecting analog communications equipment to digital T1 service.

The Access Bank II provides all of the features, functionality, and reliability of the Access Bank I, plus it includes high-speed data ports for digital connectivity and dual T1 line interfaces for drop and insert, protection switching, and cross-connect capabilities. Together, the Access Bank I and Access Bank II provide comprehensive "future-proof" access solutions for voice, video, and data communications.

The Wide Bank 28 is a low-cost solution for connecting T1 equipment to DS-3 digital services. It effectively combines traditional M1-3 functionality with advanced features: DS-3 and DSX-1 redundancy, T1 Network Interface Unit (NIU) functionality, and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The small-sized, plug-and-play, Wide Bank 28 features a highly modular design, enabling you to cost-effectively match bandwidth requirements, while simultaneously helping you simplify installation, configuration, and maintenance. It is the forward-thinking DS-3 access solution of choice for customers and carriers alike.

The CAC Product Line: 'Future-Proof' T1 and T3 Access Solutions for Voice and Data Communications

The Access Bank™ I T1 Voice Multiplexer: The Simple, Powerful T1 Access Solution

The Access Bank I Voice Multiplexer offers remote office connectivity and access to long-distance carrier services. Much like a conventional channel bank, it converts a single T1 digital access line into 24 analog telephone circuits for voice, facsimile, and modem applications.

Access Bank I Features

  • Integrated diagnostic CSU
  • Windows & reg-based remote management using built-in modem (optional) Analog Cards
  • Loop start/Ground start FXS
  • Loop start/Ground start FXO/DPT
  • 4-wire E&M/TO
  • Battery reversal FXS/DPO
  • TR-08
  • 3 mile analog loop range
  • V.34 modem compatible
  • Automatic analog impedance adjustment adapts to various modems and line lengths.

The Access Bank™ I with TR-08 Software provides for low-cost, compact, wiring closet deployment of subscriber line services from several Class 5 local exchange switches. It allows inexpensive carrier provisioning of physically separate single shelf groups for 12 or 24 fully-managed analog lines from a single T1. Out-of-the-box installation capabilities reduce on-site labor and technical training requirements.

Access Bank I with TR-08 Features

  • Up to 24 analog voice channels
  • Integrated diagnostic CSU
  • Full V.34 modem support
  • "US Grade A" telephone line quality
  • 3 mile analog loop range
  • Fuseless over-voltage/over-current safety protection
  • Calling party disconnect to eliminate hung lines
  • Compact battery backup option

The Access Bank™ II Voice and Data Multiplexer: The Voice and Digital Data T1 Access Solution

The Access Bank II signals a new level of T1 access power. In addition to providing all the features of the Access Bank I, the Access Bank II adds the ability to assign high-speed digital data ports for Internet, video, or Wide-Area Network connections. It also delivers powerful features such as cross-connect capabilities, drop and insert, and protection switching.

Standard Access Bank I and II Features

  • Front panel diagnostic switches
  • Solid-state protection (no fuses)
  • LEDs display T1 line and channel status
  • 115 Vac to -48Vdc power converter included
  • Standard 25-pair telephone cable connection
  • Hot-swappable circuit cards
  • Support for popular carrier services such as Megacom®, Flexpath®, DSS®, VPN®, VNET®, etc.
  • ANI/DNIS and DID support
  • Calling party (forward) disconnect

Access Bank II Features

  • Dual T1 ports with integrated diagnostic CSUs
  • 3 Mbps total bandwidth
  • V.35 port (to 1.536Mbps)
  • RS-232 port (synchronous or asynchronous up to 64Kbps)
  • Automatic Protection Switch (APS) network redundancy
  • Drop and Insert (D&I)
  • Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS)
  • Standard Windows®-based management and optional embedded SNMP supporting Bellcore® MIB
  • Standard V.54 and QRSS data testing

Superior technology. Flexibility. Performance. Price.

Access Bank I and Access Bank II Voice and Data Multiplexers from VoxTechnologies Corp.represent a high level integration of the most popular T1 access functions. Access Banks are the most cost-effective access solutions available today, with forward-thinking designs that address immediate voice and data communication requirements and accommodate your next communications challenge.


Typical Access Bank I and Access Bank II Applications

  • Accessing Local Exchange Carrier, Long Distance Carrier, and Competitive Access Provider T1 networks
  • Accessing Inter-exchange services (e.g. Megacom or Flexpath) over a local T1 loop
  • Point-to-point voice multiplexing for voice and data transmission
  • Feeder multiplexing into a corporate backbone network
  • High-speed access to Internet Service Provider networks
  • Low-cost access to 24 analog lines from a carrier
  • Remote key systems and off-premise extension connections
  • Direct Inward Dial signaling from a carrier
  • Voice mail access applications through Dial Number Information Services
  • Analog PBX access to T1 lines
  • T1 line access for Digital PBXs without T1 ports

The Wide Bank 28 DS-3 Access Multiplexer from High-Speed Networks, Inc., helps users cost-effectively connect T1 equipment to DS-3 digital services. It also delivers a new-generation leap in access technology.

It effectively combines traditional M1-3 functionality with advanced features: DS-3 protection switching, Network Interface Unit(NIU) functionality, Bit Error Rate Testing and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). The Wide Bank 28. The "managed" DS-3 access solution of choice for Customers and Carriers alike.

Wide Bank 28 Features

  • Advanced Management
    • Integrated fault isolation
    • Optional SNMP, TL-1
  • DS-3 Redundancy and protection
    • 1:1 High-speed electronic redundancy
    • 1:1 High-speed electronic & network protection
    • 1+1 High-speed hitless electronic & network protection
  • DSX-1 Redundancy
    • 4:28 or 1:7 Low-speed electronic redundancy
  • T1 Network Interface Unit (NIU) functionality
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Compact battery backup option
  • Fully connectorized installation
  • Low cost

Typical Wide Bank 28 Applications

  • T1 enterprise access from SONET or fiber DS-3 drops
  • DS-3 microwave links
  • T1 fan out to cellular or PCS base stations
  • DS-3 connections from local telephone companies to Internet service providers

The DataSplit T1 CSU/DSU Multiplexer

The DataSplit T1 CSU/DSU Multiplexer family of products offers an effective way to share bandwidth between PBX voice lines and data applications. The DataSplit combines multiplexing functions with an intelligent T1 Channel and Data Service unit (CSU/DSU) and provides voice and data integration on a T1 circuit. This powerful feature allows customers to split off high speed data channels from the T1 line before connecting to a PBX. The DataSplit delivers V.35 or RS-449 interfaces to connect computer ports, routers/hubs, terminal servers, statistical multiplexers and video teleconferencing equipment.

Typical DataSplit Applications

  • Voice and Data Integration over a T1 line
  • Video Conferencing over a T1 line
  • Data Transfer
  • Frame Relay
  • ISDN Interface
  • Internet Access

CAC Product Applications

CAC Product Solutions Connect T1 Digital Service to:
  • Analog and Digital PBXs
  • Computer Ports
  • Key Systems
  • Teleconferencing Equipment
  • Local Area Networks
  • Routers
  • Automatic Call Distributors
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Servers
  • Frame Relay Networks
  • ISDN Networks
  • Modem Pools

CAC Industry Application Overviews

Choose from the following industry application overviews to find out how Carrier Access products can help you exploit the tremendous cost effective benefits of T1 digital service.


CAC Product Application: Utility Companies

The Powerful Solution For Utility Company T1 Networks

"With the Access Bank, a field technician simply mounts it to a wall, flips a couple of switches to configure, jumpers it off the punchdown block and it's ready to go."

CAC Product Application: Educational Institutions

The Educated Solution For Increasing Campus Network Capacity

"The Access Bank helps meet the growing information needs of the small, private campus of a few hundred students to the largest state university."

CAC Product Application: Business -- The "Unfortunate 1 Million"

The Cost-Effective Solution To Increase Your Company's Network Capacity

"If you have 8 or more telephone lines in your company, the Access Bank will help you immediately expand your network capacity while reducing communications costs."

CAC Product Application: Independent Telephone Companies

"The Access Bank Voice and Data Multiplexer helps you control costs and utilize existing plant to reach new customers with new services."

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