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NPort NWH650

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NPort NWH650 Wireless Ethernet Client

Communication Gateway Solution    
Specifications | Ordering info


  Connect an Ethernet device to a wireless LAN instantly
NWH650 Wireless Ethernet Client (WEC) is designed to make your Ethernet device link to a wireless LAN instantly, making NWH650 the best wireless companion for industrial Ethernet devices, such as NPort Servers, PLCs, Web cameras, I/O Servers, and more.

Let Your Ethernet Device Go Wireless!

Cable replacement
For hard-to-wire situations, such as building-to-building networking, WEC is the ideal solution for cable replacement. In Infrastructure Mode or Ad-Hoc Mode, WEC can communicate with an access point or another WEC located up to 300 meters away.

No driver required
WEC behaves the same as an Ethernet to Wireless LAN converter. Almost any Ethernet device can link to a Wireless LAN, but without the need for network programmers to spend time writing new software. This means that existing software works as if it were connected by a physical Ethernet cable.

Best wirelss complement for NPort Device Servers
With Wireless Ethernet Client, your NPort Device Server can go wireless instantly, so that all of your serial devices, such as PLCs, card readers, and scales can be accessed over the Wireless LAN via an NPort Device Server.

Larger Picture


  • Bring any Ethernet device to a standard Wi-Fi 802.11b Wireless LAN
  • Wireless communication up to 300 meters
  • Supports 10 Mbps Ethernet and one RS-232 console for configuration
  • Easy-to-use Windows utilities
  • Supports Infrastructure and Peer-to-Peer (Ad-Hoc) Mode
  • 40/128-bit WEP encryption


  Infrastructure Mode
Setting up a WEC for Insfrastructure Mode allows each Ethernet device to communicate with the wire Ethernet network. With a WEC and an AP, connected Ethernet devices operate as if they were directly connected by an Ethernet hub, making Infrastructure Mode suitable for hybrid networks that combine wire and wireless Ethernet. When your application requires Internet connectivity, Infrastructure Mode is the mode to use.
  Peer-to-Peer (Ad-Hoc) Mode
After configuring the WEC for Ad-Hoc Mode, the Ethernet device can then directly link to other Ethernet devices simultaneously, making this mode suitable for simple peer-to-peer applications when you don't need Internet connectivity.
*The transmission distance may vary due to the environment.



Application Tips


How many Ethernet devices can NWH650 connect?
Only one Ethernet device can connect with NWH650, so we recommend linking the Ethernet device with the WEC using the cross-over Ethernet cable included with the shipment.

How can I connect multiple serial devices to a WLAN?
To do this, you can use one NPort Device Server, such as DE-304, to connect to multiple serial devices. First link the NPort Device Server to the WEC, and then control remote serial devices using a single IP address over the WLAN.

Which kind of AP (Access Point) can NWH650 work with?
NWH650 WEC is compliant with the 802.11b standard, and has been tested with leading AP (Access Point) products, such as Intel and D-Link, so that most 802.11b compliant AP products are compatible with NWH650 WEC.


How to configure the WEC    
  Connect an RS-232 cable between the PC and WEC, and then run the COMFig Tool under Windows to start configuring.


  Comprehensive Wireless LAN Parameter Settings
NWH650 WEC provides a full range of 802.11b WLAN settings to maintain highest compatibility with APs (Access Points) available on the market. The settings include Network Mode, SSID, Authentication, Data Rate, Encryption Keys, and Ethernet initial connectivity status. Optimize settings with NPort Device Server to make sure the installation and integration is fast and smooth.
WEC Self-Diagnosis, which provides a quick, internal self-check program, lets you know instantly if the unit needs repairing. This makes the WEC Self-Diagnosis feature ideal for field monitoring.
  Firmware Upgradeable
The WEC firmware is continually improved to cope with the many different industrial device networking scenarios, and the built-in firmware upgrade feature helps keep your WEC's functions up to date.


Ethernet 10 Mbps, RJ45 x 1


Standard Compliance IEEE 802.11b
Radio Frequency Type Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
Tansmission Rate 11 Mbps (max.)
11/5.5/2/1 Mbps with auto fallback
RF Frequency Range Japan: 2471 to 2497 MHz
North America, Europe, & Extended Japan Band:
    2400 to 2483.5 Mhz
Spain: 2445 to 2475 MHz
France: 2446.5 to 2483.5 MHz
Transmitter 20 dBm (North America)
18 dBm (Europe and Japan)
Receiver -83 dBm (typical) @ 11 Mbps
Antenna Type Integrated built-in dual dipole antenna with diversity
Transmission distance Up to 300 meters (in open areas)


RS-232 DB9 Female x 1


Encryption 40/128-bit WEP encryption
Domain Access Control SSID configurable
MAC Address Control MAC address restriction

Software Features

COMFig Utility for Windows Network mode settings
WEP encryption key settings
Transmission rate settings
Domain name (SSID) settings

Power Requirement

Power Input 5 VDC
Power Consumption 1A @ 5 VDC
Gross Weight 1.09 kg (2.4 lb)


Operation temp. 0 to 55C (32 to 131F)
Storage temp. -30 to 70C (-4 to 185F)

Regulatory Approvals

EMC FCC Class B; CE ETS 300 328, ETS 300 826


Ordering Information
NWH650/US WEC with US band
NWH650/Euro WEC with Euro band



1. Special radio bands for other countries, such as Japan, France, Spain, and Israel, are available. Please call for details.

2. All items include a WEC, RS-232 cable for configuration, cross-over Ethernet cable, Software CD, power adapter (100 to 240 VAC to 5V, 2A with US or Euro plug).





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