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NPort 4511 Developement

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How to Develop an Application on NPort 4511

It's as easy as 1-2-3 !
Software Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)
Professional Software Development Kit (SDK)
SDK Library—Easy to Understand, Easy to Use
Comprehensive Management Utility
Management Tool—SDK Manager
Debugging Tool—SDK Debugger


It's as easy as 1-2-3 !

Step 1: Set up the development environment
(1) Connect NPort 4511 to a host via an Ethernet network.
(2) Connect NPort 4511 to a target device via serial port.
(3) Install SDK utility, library, and Turbo C compiler on the host      computer.
(4) Use SDK utility to configure the IP address of the NPort 4511.

Step 2: Coding & Debugging
(1) Develop User Application with SDK's C library within Turbo C.
(2) Compile & link an executable binary file by Turbo C.
(3) Download program and debug by SDK manager.

Step 3: Deployment
(1) Use SDK utility to set up a software key on NPort 4511 and in
     the User Application for protection.
(2) Download the finished program to NPort 4511.
(3) NPort 4511, with your own program installed, is ready to ship.



Software Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

System integrators' valuable knowledge often helps customers solve all kinds of problems. NPort 4511 provides built-in software protection that can protect your intellectual property from unauthorized copying. NPort 4511's SDK allows you to set up a secret key on the hardware and in the User Application. When both keys match, the User Application can be downloaded into the coded NPort 4511 hardware.

License Control for Your Projects
Once the software design is finished, you can make sure that you are the sole supplier of the solution. Customers must acquire the product from you. Unauthorized copying and license control is no longer a problem.


Professional Software Development Kit (SDK)

NPort 4511 provides developers with a complete and easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK). SDK is divided into 3 major parts:
Library: More than 100 intuitive C funtion calls.
Utilities: Windows interface for complete NPort 4511 configuration and debugging.
Examples: Several comprehensive programming examples—from basic operation to advanced applications—to get your NPort 4511 up and running in no time. Our detailed manuals and on-line documentation take you step-by-step from program development to debugging.


SDK Library—Easy to Understand, Easy to Use

The SDK Library functions used to operate NPort 4511's hardware are divided by attribute into 5 groups.
‧ Serial Port Control
     Serial port operation,such as data I/O or changing modem signals.
‧ Ethernet Control
     In addition to standard BSD Sockets, Moxa provides an easy-to-use simplified socket library,      making both senior and junior developers expert at NPort 4511 Ethernet programming.
‧ System Control
     Helps developers design in-depth system control functions, such as restarting NPort 4511.
‧ Flash Access
     Lets developers easily access the 32 KB flash memory.
‧ Debugging Messages
     Lets developers and users use SDK Debugger to monitor NPort 4511's operation status.

All data processing can be done with standard C libraries, before data is sent out from NPort 4511, so that programmers can use the most familiar programming interface to take care of development tasks.



Comprehensive Management Utility

You get a simple but effective way to communicate with or control NPort 4511 during each development stage by using different SDK utilities. The utilities provided are:
‧ Management Tool: Used for NPort 4511 configuration and software downloading.
‧ Debugging Tool: Used for debugging and monitoring NPort 4511's operation.
‧ Packing Tool: Creates a downloadable program and adds NPort 4511 software protection.


Management Tool SDK Manager

SDK Manager is important for both NPort 4511 and the developer. Its major functions are:
‧ NPort 4511 configuration: Ethernet, Serial, and System parameters.
‧ Setting up NPort 4511's Password and Private Key.
‧ NPort 4511 software download: Application program, kernel, etc.
‧ Activating debugging utility.
‧ Multi NPort 4511 Management: Simultaneous access of multiple NPort 4511s.

SDK Manager


Debugging Tool—SDK Debugger

SDK Debugger is designed for program debugging and end-user monitoring. Its major functions are:
‧ Display debugging messages.
‧ Monitor connection status.
‧ Display system status.
‧ Store operation status and messages.

SDK Debugger



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