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  New data gathering network solution
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Other Success Stories


New data gathering network solution for Document Management

Products used:

NPort Express Module DE-311M

Country: Taiwan
Company: Taiwan Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Overall Benefits:
  • Can monitor the work status of devices remotely via Internet
  • Greatly reduces labor cost
  • User friendly with versatile software support

Fuji Xerox, the world's leading provider of Document Management Solutions, has been producing its famous copy machines since 1948. In 1970, Taiwan Koo's Group teamed up with Japan Fuji Xerox to establish a new company, named Taiwan Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., which has been committed to providing the most efficient and best document management solutions for enterprises in Taiwan. Taiwan Fuji Xerox provides Taiwan companies and individuals with a full line of outstanding products, including color copiers, high-speed black & white copiers, laser printers, FAX machines, and various accessories.

More recently, Taiwan Fuji Xerox has introduced an integrated OA (Office Automation) and information industry solution that combines digital copying and multi-function OA utilities with the ability to monitor customer activity over the Intranet(Internet). This new Document Centre family of Xerox products is the featured topic of this story.

In response to critical OA demands, Taiwan Fuji Xerox has developed a new product family, named Document Centre, that integrates a printer, copier, and scanner. Document Centres are often leased to customers on a monthly or yearly basis, with customers charged primarily for the volume of work that is performed using the machine. The problem faced by Xerox was how to keep track of the volume of usage by each customer. In the past, Xerox would need to periodically send out one or more people to collect data from each machine.

Document Centre uses a new type of data collection system in which information is transferred directly to Xerox over the Intranet(Internet), greatly reducing the number of man-hours required. To put this solution into effect, Xerox makes use of MOXA NPort Express Module (DE-311M), an embedded Serial Device Server that fits easily into existing equipment. Furthermore, the software that comes with NPort Express Module allows Xerox to keep using their existing operational software.

The important benefits that MOXA NPort Express Module DE-311M brings to Taiwan Fuji Xerox are as follows:

  1. NPort Express Module transfers Document Centre data to a PC server over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.
  2. Labor costs are greatly reduced, since frequent visits by Xerox personnel are no longer required.
  3. One centrally located PC server can be used to monitor and analyze data from several remote Document Centres.
  4. NPort Express Module greatly streamlines the overall management process.
  5. The Raw Connection (Server/Client) operation mode, which uses TCP sockets, assists Taiwan Fuji Xerox in designing software applications that precisely fit its copy center networking applications.

Application Description:
MOXA NPort Express Module DE-311M provides a transparent connection between Document Centres and a centrally located PC server. The PC server can easily download and then quickly analyze data directly from multiple Document Centres. In addition, the PC server can manage access tables that are used to authenticate users' access permission, greatly improving data gathering efficiency and making the overall system more reliable and flexible.

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