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Product description:

5.25" Disk size small form factor, Socket 370 base embedded board, with 6 x LAN for networking appliance


  • Support Intel server level processor Tualatin CPU up to 1.26GHz
  • Support up to Six LAX for networking management application like firewall or VPN Gateway IP security management
    • Dual 10/100Mbps LAN controller onboard i82562E + i82559 or i82562E + i82550 with IPSec function (option)
    • 2 x expansion socket interface for LAN module up to Six LAN
  • LAN Module :
    • LM-2G dual Gigabit LAN modules for high speed networking appliance.
    • LM-102 dual LAN module for Internet / Intranet server load balance or VPN Gateway appliance
    • LM-SSLA SSL Module with SSL Accelerator for advance WEB server SSL check performance (Rainbow Solution)
  • Gigabit LAN (LM-2G)
    Giga is the prefix representing 109, or one billion. The on-board Broadcom BCM5701 is a fully integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Control and Physical Layer Transceiver solution for high performance network applications. The solution combines triple speed, IEEE 802.3 compliant Media Access Controller (MAC), deep on-chip buffer memory, and integrated physical layer transceiver in a single device. It is the industry's first support for the new PCI-X and the highest performance in terms of both throughput and CPU utilization.

    Provide 2 x DIMM socket for System memory up to 512MB

  • Provide 1 x PCI slot for expansion
    " Tualatin " is Intel PIII processor with 512KB L2 cache core name
    The Intel Pentium III processor with 512KB L2 Cache is designed for high-performance workstations and servers.
  • Available in 1.26GHz for a 133MHz processor side bus
  • Manufactured on state-of-the art 0.13 process technology
  • 512KB advanced transfer cache-on-die, full-speed Level 2 (L2) cache with Error Correcting Code (ECC)
  • Flip-Chip Pin Grid Array 2 (same as for FC-PGA with an Integrated Heat Spreader)
  • 1.26GHz / 1.45V Vcore / Max.29.5W power consumption

hy do you need the NOVA7897 with LM-SSLA?
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is rapidly becoming the universally accepted method for remote access. VPNs enable you to take advantage of the power of the Internet by providing a private tunnel through the public cloud. This in turn reduces costs and enhances productivity from your remote access applications. Although a VPN is private it doesn't mean that it is secured. Protected solely by passwords, VPNs are very vulnerable. Therefore, our NOVA7897 with LM-SSLA is available to enhance the security of Virtual Private Networks.

What Is IPSec?

Defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), IPSec is a standard that provides a common means of authentication, integrity and IP encryption. It offers two modes of operation-tunnel mode and transport mode.
One of the principal strengths of IPSec is that encrypted packets can be routed and switched on any network that supports IP traffic. No upgrade to the network elements is necessary. This enables the packets to traverse the LAN, extranet and Internet easily and transparently.
Benefits of IPSec to the End Customer
E Less expensive branch office connectivity
E Faster, more efficient links to customers and suppliers
E More secure corporate LANs, including better
protection against inside threats

Secure Socket Layer & Transport Layer Security
Secure socket layer (SSL) is the Internet security protocol for point-to-point connections. It provides protection against eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery. Clients and servers are able to authenticate each other and to establish a secure link or "pipe" across the Intranets or entrants to protect the information that is being transmitted.
The need for SSL
With the growth of the Internet and digital data transmission, applications must securely transmit data to and from remote applications and computers. SSL was designed to solve this problem. With SSL, a connection is made, parties authenticated, and data securely exchanged. The most recent data transmission security is called Transport Layer Security (TLS).

SSL is analogous to a secure "telephone call" between two computers on any network including the Internet. In SSL, a
connection is made, parties authenticated, and data securely
exchanged. The latest enhancement of SSL is called Transport Layer Security (TLS).


  • CPU : Single Socket 370 support Intel Celeron, P3, Tualatin and VIA C3 66/100/133 FSB up to 1.26GHz Tualatin (PPGA Celeron not support)
  • BIOS : Award PnP Flash BIOS
  • System Chipset : Intel 815E-B step
  • System Memory : up to 512MB (2 x 168pin DIMM)
  • Display :
    • chipset integrated
    • V-RAM : share with system memory by Dynamic Video Memory Technology
    • Resolution : max.1600 x 1280, 8 bit colors for CRT
    • Connector : external DB-15 for CRT
  • I/O :
    • External : One RS-232, one VGA, one LPT port connector
    • Internal : one RS-232, IrDA port, two USB by pin-header
    • IDE : Two ATA-100 channel (1 x 40 pin header), 1 x 44 pin header

  • Ethernet :
    • external RJ-45x6
    • Two Intel i82559 or i82550 10/100Mbps Ethernet controllers onboard up to 6x LAN with LAN module daughter board, LM-102N (Dual i82559/i82550) or LM-2G (Dual Broadcom 5701/5703 Gigabit chip)
  • Expansion :
    • 1x PCI 32bit/33MHz slot
    • 2x expansion socket for LAN Module daughter board
  • WDT : software programmable, support 1 ~ 255 sec. system reset
  • Power function : support ATX power
  • Power Connector : ATX 2.03 1 x 20pin ATX connector,
  • Power Consumption : 5V@6A, 3.3V@3.1A, 12V@0.2A, -12V@0.02A (933MHz CPU with 256MB)
  • Relative Humidity : 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature : 0 - 60oC
  • Form Factor : 5.25" disk size Embedded Board
  • Dimensions : 203 x 146 mm (8" x 5.8")
  • GW : 900g

NOVA7897 Socket 370 with CRT VGA / Dual LAN / Audio
LM module

Dual i82559 LAN Module
Dual i82550 LAN Module with IPsec Engine
Dual Broadcom 5701 / 5703 Gigabit LAN Module
SSL Accelerator Module


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