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VIA Eden EBGA CPU 667MHz on board, 100/133MHz FSB
Max. 512MB SDRAM, DIMM x1
VIA Twister T8606/686B chipsets w/ 4X AGP VGA built-in
3D graphic, LVDS/TTL LCD interface
Realtek 8139C 10/100 Base T/TX LAN
AC 97 ver. 2.0 Audio




System Architecture
  • Main board with standard 5.25" drive form factor
  • On board VIA Eden Processor EBGA package with 128KB Level 1 and 64 KB level 2 cache
  • FSB 100/133MHz
  • PCI V2.2 compliant

CPU support

  • Onboard VIA Eden Processor EBGA Package with 128KB Level 1 and 64KB Level 2 Cache
  • 667MHz CPU on board, and feature VIA Eden series CPU with EBGA Package


  • One 168-pin DIMM. Support Max memory size to 512 MB


  • Award system BIOS
  • Advanced power management support
  • 4M bits flash ROM

Chip Set

  • VIA 8606 (Twister T) 100/133MHz North Bridge
  • VIA VT82C686B PSIPC PCI SUPER-I/O integrated peripheral controller
  • PCI V2.2 compliant

On Board LAN

  • Realtek RTL 8139C Ethernet Controller x2
  • Single Chip 10/100 Base TX support, full duplex
  • Boot from LAN function
  • Drivers support: DOS/Windows®, Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Windows® NT, Netware, SCO Open Server 5.0, Linux 7.2 or later, FreeBSD
  • RJ45 with LED connector x2

On Board Audio

  • VT82C686B and AC97 ver. 2.0 compliant interface, Multi-stream Direct Sound and DirectSound 3D acceleration
  • Audio interface:
    CD audio in / Line in (Internal),
    Microphone in, Speaker out (with Amplifier)

On Board VGA

  • VIA 8606 Integrated Savage4 2D/3D/Video Accelerator
    • Optimized Shared Memory Architecture (SMA)
    • 8/16/32MB frame buffer using system memory
    • Single cycle 128-bit 3D architecture
    • Full internal AGP 4X performance
    • Next generation, 128-bit 2D graphics engine
    • High quality DVD video playback
    • 2D/3D resolutions up to 1920x1440
  • Extensive LCD Support
    • 36-bit DSTN/TFT flat panel interface with 256 gray shade support
    • Integrated 110MHz LVDS interface
    • Support for all resolutions up to 1600x1200
  • Drivers support: Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Windows® NT4.0, Linux
  • 15Pin D-Sub VGA Output
  • LVDS Interface Connector x1
  • TTL LCD Interface Connector x1

On Board IDE Interface / Compact Flash

  • VIA 686B South Bridge Integrated UltraDMA-33/66/100 master mode EIDE controller
  • Support UltraDMA-33/66/100 IDE with 40 pin connector x1
  • Internal Compact Flash socket x1

On Chip and On board I/O

  • SIO x4, with 4x16C550 UARTs, 40 pin 2.0 header with housing; one for RS422/485
  • PIO x1, bi-directional, EPP/ECP support, 26 pin connector x1
  • Floppy Disk controller: 34 pin connector x1
  • 6 pin mini DIN connector x1, for PS/2 keyboard/mouse
  • On board USB port x2
  • On Board buzzer x1
  • Digital I/O: 8 x TTL DIO
  • On board 3 pin header for I2C, one pin for GND
  • On board 5 pin header for IrDA
  • On Board 2 pin header for Reset SW
  • On Board 4 pin header for power SW
  • COM 3 reserved the RING pin to power Touch Screen LCD (jumper select 5 or 12V or ring)
  • 3 pin Power Connector for CPU FAN
  • 2 Pin IDE Active LED Header

Real Time Clocker

  • On chip RTC with battery back up
  • External Li Battery x1

Watchdog Timer

  • Watchdog timeout can be programmable by Software from 0.5 to 64 second

On Board Bus Expansion

  • One 32bit/33MHz PCI Slot support PCI Expansion
  • PC 104
  • NEXCOM Proprietary PCI Interface


  • 203mm(L) x 143mm(W)

System Monitor

  • Derived from Super IO to support system monitor
  • 5 voltage (For +3.3V, +5V, +12V, Vcore and +2.5V)
  • Fan speed For CPU
  • Two temperature
  • Drivers support: Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Windows® NT4.0

Power Source & Power Requirements

  • 6 PIN Power Input Connector
    PIN Define Voltage Power Requirement
    PIN 1 +5V 5A
    PIN 2 +5V
    PIN 3 GND --
    PIN 4 GND --
    PIN 5 GND --
    PIN 6 +12V 200mA
  • Accessory Power Converter Cable:
    1. Two 4P to 6P (For AT Power Supply)
    2. ATX Power Connector to 6P+ 2 Pin Power SW(For ATX Power Supply)
    3. Optional Power Module to support NoteBook Type Adapter (16Vdc ~ 24Vdc input)



  • Operating temperatures: 0°C to 60°C
  • Storage temperatures: -20°C to 80°C
  • Relative humidity: 10% to 90% (Non-condensing)


  • CE approval
  • FCC Class A



EBC 569LP6
5.25" Low Power Embedded Board with on board 667MHz CPU




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